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Andre Rieu, the man behind the world famous Johann Strauss Orchestra, is a musician who plays sensation, heartwarming music. He is a violinist and a conductor as well as a composer and a composer, and has excelled in each of them. Born back in 1949 as André Léon Marie Nicolas Rieu, he grew up in Maastricht in Holland/The Netherlands. His family was a musical family which resulted in his starting music at a very young age. By five, he had started learning the violin. His father was in fact a conductor at the Maastricht Symphony Orchestra and so Andre Rieu was inspired by him. He became fascinated by orchestra at a young age, a fascination that would lead to the development of the Johann Strauss Orchestra. He joined the Conservatoire Royal in Liege to study violin and also studied at the Conservatorium Maastricht for around five years.

Andre Rieu learnt violin from teachers such as Herman Krebbers and Jo Judda. He later on joined the Music Academy in Brussels with classmate Andre Gertler graduating with a Premier Prix degree awarded by the Brussels Royal Conservatory. Thus, Andre Rieu is a musician who perfectly blended talent and skill, learning how to music professionally from a school; the very best type of a musician who guarantees music of the best possible quality that will leave your ears begging for more.

While in university, Andre Rieu began playing music and notably performed the famous waltz, Gold And Silver Waltz , by Franz Lehar. People in the audience were amazed by how he played the waltz so Andre Rieu decided to pursue a career in waltz. At that time, he formed the Maastricht Salon Orchestra as well as played violin for the Limburg Symphony Orchestra, both of which contributed immensely to his dreams. It was in 1987 that he formed the Johann Strauss Orchestra as well as a production company. He is widely regarded as the person responsible for reviving the waltz music genre since he had amazing, dramatic stage performances with rock star like behaviour. This then is what made and still makes Andre Rieu a musician to watch live through Andre Rieu tickets, a rockstar in the world of waltz.

When playing violin, Andre Rieu uses a 1667 Stradivarius violin which is an instrument to match his immense talent. He has even acted in an Australian TV show, Neighbours, in which he acted as himself. The Johann Strauss Orchestra was first launched with twelve musicians but now has around fifty musicians. It was a company responsible for increasing interest in waltz music when it began touring at that time. It first began in Netherlands and was started when the company recorded the Second Waltz , a work by Dmitri Shostakovich. This company’s work is what earned Andre Rieu the name of the waltz king, the undisputed ruler in the world of waltz.

Andre Rieu’s records have sold millions all over the world. His music has gone platinum and even eight times platinum in the Netherlands. Not only has he been commercially successful, he has also been critically successful having bagged a number of coveted awards such as two World Music Awards. Andre Rieu usually performs with the orchestra but he also performs solo at various venues beginning with Australia. His performances aren’t simply a bunch of musicians playing out music in an auditorium; they are also the most lively and enchanting all around. One of his concerts, titled as A Romantic Vienna Night , had a life size replica of the Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna complete with two fountains, a ballroom dancing floor, two ice skating rinks and above all of this the Orchestra. It was truly a breathtaking performance that transported the audience back to the actual palace in Vienna. Thousands flock to his concerts with a recorded forty thousand attending his Melbourne concert.

Thus, for a chance of listening to Andre Rieu play music in a set that resembles a palace while you feel like a king, queen, prince or princess, all you need are the pieces of paper that make up Andre Rieu tickets. Andre Rieu not only plays classical music in a number of genres for which he is best known but also plays pop music and folk music. He has also recorded a number of movie soundtracks and also for musicals. His vibrant performances resemble a performance by a rock star than those by a classical musician; thus, you will not feel bored at all. Many young people fall in love, at first sight, with Andre Rieu music.

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