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Blue Man Group can be described as an organization full of musical feast and loads of comedy. The Blue Man Group was founded in 1987 by three friends named Wink, Goldman, and Stanton, in New York.  In the beginning of their struggle towards success and fame, they played around Manhattan in venues such as Central Park, and the Performing Garage, among others. Matt Goldman, Chris Wink, and Phil Stanton took the world by storm with their variety show in New York City over two decades ago.

The exciting performance by the Blue Men throughout the show thrills and engages the audience. It is not like an ordinary show where the artists perform and the audience just sits and enjoys the act, but it involves the participation of viewers as well.  The Blue Man Group is a show where three bald men wearing blue makeup play music with unusual instruments and mix technology, explosion of color, and humor together. One can be singled out and pulled onstage during the show and can be asked to perform certain tasks with them.
You can now experience watching Blue Men in your very own city as they come with their Blue Man Group Chicago IL event. It’s a show that should not be missed. You will find a unique variety of art blending together music and color, through innovation, so as to provide the world with the sort of entertainment that is new to eyes.  Come join the festivity and watch the marvelous performance with your Blue Man Group Chicago IL tickets.

Chicago will soon be painted blue as the dynamic trio hits the best arenas in the city. Yes, you guessed it right. Blue Man Group is all set for its next performance and will be bringing all new entertainment for the fans. Blue Man Group Chicago show is for all those people who are in mood for something extraordinary and equally fun-filled. Every Blue Man Group show has a unique theme, where the main idea is to awe the audience and keep them guessing as to what is coming next. You can expect splashes of paint, gumball art and music coming out of the most unusual instruments. If you haven’t heard music being created from drainage pipes and rods as yet, then be there at Blue Man Group Chicago performance as you’ll get to witness other never seen before acts along with this. While the blue skinned, earless trio repeats some of its popular acts, they always excite the audience with a surprise. Like all their other shows, at the Blue Man Group Chicago event as well you can catch the performers after the show and get their autographs. The Group has been lauded worldwide and has earned numerous awards for its astounding acts. Music by the group has also been highly acclaimed, claiming the prestigious Grammy Award among many others. Critics have also appreciated Blue Man Group for its outstanding efforts. Secure your Blue Man Group Chicago tickets to catch the upcoming performance by the trio and to be a part of a fun-filled evening.

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