Bonnie Raitt Ann Arbor MI Tickets

One of the most cherished and gifted blues musicians of the twentieth century, Bonnie Raitt has enchanted and entertained millions around the world with her magical singing and beautifully composed songs. The American born singer-songwriter is famous for her slide guitar playing skills as well as her love for politics. Raitt has enthralled the world with her influential music albums and singles that range from folk and country music to blues and rock. She has received numerous accolades and awards throughout her career including nine Grammy Awards. She continues her four-decade long journey and she is all set to deliver another mesmerizing live performance at the Bonnie Raitt Ann Arbor MI event.

Born in 1949, Raitt released her self-titled debut album in 1971. Since then the artist has received worldwide acclaim through her chart breaking albums and smash hit singles. She has released sixteen studio albums along with four compilation albums. Her most eminent and famous works include her nineties albums "Nick of Time," "Luck of the Draw," "Longing in their Hearts" and "Fundamentals" that reached multi-platinum status for selling millions of copies worldwide. The Bonnie Raitt Ann Arbor MI performance is being highly anticipated by fans for another riveting event.

Bonnie Raitt is renowned for her breathtaking live performances that sway the crowd into ecstasy. By acquiring Bonnie Raitt Ann Arbor MI tickets, the fans can make sure to indulge in a compelling live performance by the legendary blues musician.

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