The Book Of Mormon Chicago IL Tickets

The Book of Mormon is a musical by Matt Stone, Robert Lopez and Trey Parker. Together, they have written the book for the musical as well as the music and the lyrics. Stone and Parker have previously worked together in the popular animated comedy series, "South Park" and Lopez has worked before in "Avenue Q". The Book of Mormon Chicago IL musical is meant to critically view religion and the conventional musical theater. All the writers have long since been interested in musical theater and Mormonism. They view both with skepticism as the story of the musical builds.

The Book of Mormon Chicago IL show will focus on the tale of a couple of Mormon missionaries who are sent to serve in a village in Uganda. The setup of the musical is the village, which is located in a remote area, and where a warlord is overhauling the people who live there, threatening their lives. The missionaries are young and optimistic, and in an attempt to bring some positivity into the lives of the villagers, they share with them the Book of Mormon. Other than the fact that they, themselves are not as familiar with the scripture, they do not realize that the people are concerned with dealing with more pressing matters like war, AIDS and famine to care much about religion.
Get The Book of Mormon Chicago IL tickets now and become part of the fresh and original new musical that won nine Tony Awards and a Grammy Award. In a sea of recreations of old musicals, this one will hold its own.

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