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American comedian Scott Thompson, popularly known by the name of Carrot Top, is famous for his tomato colored hair and wacky comedy. He attended Florida Atlantic University and in his freshman year, performed in a stand-up comedy show for the first time with Josh Abelson. Over the years Carrot Top has made a name for himself in the world of comedy. In particular, he is known for his brilliant live performances. Given this fact, it is quite certain that the Carrot Top Las Vegas NV show is bound to be a success.Carrot Top has a diverse and successful career with experience in many fields including film, television and stand-up comedy. He has made appearances in many shows such as ‘Scrubs’ and ‘Criss Angel Mindfreak’. Not only that but he has also come in movies such as Chairman of the Board. Cartoon Network hired him for four years for the post of broadcasting program information. His comedy shows involve the use of huge trunks full of unusual props. He goes on to describe the props in witty one-liners, before flinging them aside. Attend the Carrot Top Las Vegas NV show to find out why this comedian has been the recipient of so much appreciation and fame.Are you in the mood to relax, laugh out loud and have a fun evening with friends and family? Go ahead and buy the Carrot Top Las Vegas NV tickets and witness live comedy at its very best! 

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