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If it is rap and hip hop music you want to enjoy, grab some Childish Gambino Charlotte NC tickets. Childish Gambino is the stage name used by actor and singer, Donald Grover. He is perhaps most for playing Troy Barnes in the NBC show, "Community". As an actor, he has attracted a cult following who are continually active on social networking websites. They supported him when there was a possibility of "Community" getting cancelled, and when he started the campaign on Twitter to audition for the role of Peter Parker/Spiderman on "The Amazing Spiderman".

As a singer, he is signed to the record company "Glassnote Records" under whom he released his debut album, "Camp". He has announced his first ever nationwide tour, which he is calling "Camp Gambino". The Childish Gambino Charlotte NC show is a stop on this tour. His previous tours included the IAMDONALD tour and the Sign Up tour, which he called a pre-show series in preparation for his current venture.

Before releasing a studio album, Glover had released a number of mix tapes and EPs. He has mentioned how in the past, his work was cloaked behind gimmicky acts and performance tricks instead of letting the music shine through. In the Childish Gambino Charlotte NC show, however, he will sing about more personal topics such as family, bullying and alcoholism. He is releasing another mixtape this year, proving that he is now more concerned with the keeping raw, fresh energy in his music rather than succumbing to the commercial frame.

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