Cirque Dreams Holidaze Austin TX Tickets

Cirque Dreams Holidaze Austin TX is one of the show that are part of the tour of this amazing circus, drama and musical combined. This is a show by an American company from Florida known as Cirque Dreams, famous in the US for dazzling live shows that combines circus arts from Europe and the US with theatre normally seen on Broadway to create a stunning brand of entertainment that has captivated thousands in the US. Many such people have already bought Cirque Dreams Holidaze Austin TX tickets to ensure that they catch this show live. This show, part of the Cirque Dreams Holidaze production, is a winter themed show that features toy soldiers marching on hair thin wires, gingerbread men performing somersaults in the air, icemen creating ice sculptures, snowmen performing acrobatics and even penguins, spinning around on the ice floor to create a moment that is magical.

This show is one of several by a company that has staged productions on two Super Bowls and an NBA Championship as well as for several TV channels including CBS, NBC, Disney and ABC. Other productions include Jungle Fantasy, Pandemonia and Coobrilla. 

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