Mannheim Steamroller Syracuse NY Tickets

Syracuse’s Landmark Theater will be bouncing with excitement as Mannheim Steamroller Syracuse eventraises it curtains. The Christmas music specialists have redefined the genre & also forged a formidable reputation in the realms of classical music under Chip Davis & Jackson Berkey.

Mannheim Steamroller started out as a project of Ohio composer Chip Davis in 1974. He had earlier created fictional trucker C.W. McCall with co-lyricist Bill Fries, who took up the character as a country outlaw artist. Mannheim Steamroller kicked off with the Fresh Aire albums quartet. After record companies refused release, Davis created American Gramaphone Records, which to date has achieved great success. The earlier light-hearted blend of baroque classic & jazz gave way to experimental themes & genres (including New Age), before Berkey & Davis hit the jackpot with Mannheim Steamroller Christmas in 1984. They subsequently recorded 12 Christmas albums to great acclaim. Their songs can now be heard live this holiday season at Mannheim Steamroller Syracuse concert.

Mannheim Steamroller leads the Christmas albums sales list with 28 million sales. Of these, Mannheim Steamroller Christmas & A Fresh Aire Christmas went 6xPlatinum, while Christmas in the Aire reached #3 (Billboard 200). The eight Fresh Aire albums encompass themes from Greek mythology to infinity, and Fresh Aire V won them a 1990 Grammy .

Mannheim Steamroller has incorporated spoken poetry & multimedia effects to give its live performances an extra edge. Separate lineups will tour the East & West Coasts till 30 th December.

WithMannheim Steamroller’s established festive season legacy, Chip Davis has hit all the right notes to excite fans with Mannheim Steamroller Syracuse tickets.

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A:There isn't any specific seasonal discount available on Mannheim Steamroller Syracuse Ny Tickets. The general discount is available for all.