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Marry Poppins the musical is a production of Walt Disney Theatrical and is based on children’s book series by the same name, written by P.L. Travers. Before the staging of the musical, Disney had released a movie on the concept of the novels in 1964. The theatrical production is a mixture of elements taken from both the movie and the books, and was first staged in 2004 by West End. To catch the touring show coming to your town, you can attend Mary Poppins San Jose CA show!

Marry Poppins original West End production was staged on 18th of September, 2004 at Prince Edward Theatre. After the ultimate success of West End production, Broadway version was released on 16th of November 2006 at the New Amsterdam Theatre. There was a bit of difference in the few sequels. The Broadway production received mixed response but was overall appreciated by the audience. To catch the show in your town, be there at Mary Poppins San Jose CA performance.
Marry Poppins has won a number of awards and nominations. The show received nominations in seven Tony Awards categories, including for “Best Scenic Design” and “Best Musical”. In the Broadway production several of the scenes were deleted that were a part of the West End production. If you wish to catch the touring show of Marry Poppins coming to your town, it’s the right time to book Marry Poppins San Jose CA tickets from us!

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