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Flux Pavillion is the nickname of DJ Joshua Steele, who is world famous for his manic rhythms. Since he first emerged in the dubstep world, Flux Pavillion has released a number of hits, including "I Can’t Stop", "Lines In Wax", "Got 2 Know", "Hold Me Close", "Cracks", "Gold Dust", "Louder" and "Blue Skies". He has also collaborated with fellow dubstep musicians Excision, Datsik, Kontroller and Trolley Snatcher on his singles such as "Boom EP", "Family Fortunes", "Stinkfinger" and "Lines in Wax".

In just a few years, Steele has earned a special place in the fast growing and increasingly popular dubstep world. Steele, who is also known as ‘Josh Extravaganza’ gained worldwide attention in 2009 when he performed at Towcester in the United Kingdom. After garnering a strong local following, Flux Pavillion gained worldwide fame after performing on KISS FM. His hit single ‘Bass Cannon’ reached the top 100 singles in four countries, and reached number 56 on the UK singles charts. Flux Pavillion has also founded his own production company, Circus Records, along with performers Doctor P and DJ Swan-E. He now plans to release all his music through this company, and is doing promising work in getting the dubstep movement recognized around the world.

Dubstep is a special type of electronic dance music that originated in London, England. It is characterized by strong bass lines, drum patterns and clipped samples. While its origins can be traced as far back as 1998, it wasn’t until 2005 that the style gained momentum and spread out across the world. The pioneers in dubstep include DJ John Peel, who introduced it on BBC Radio in 2003. In a little over a year, radio listeners all over the UK had voted dubstep music as some of their favorite of all time. During 2005 and 2006, dubstep proved its immense appeal to the younger generation and became increasingly popular over the internet. The style was soon dubbed as "a whole new sound" in papers, and continued to grow with several radio stations and a number of tv programs being dedicated to the development of this new and rather exclusive genre. During this time, the style was also introduced in the United States and Japan and gained immense popularity in both countries with a large number of techno artists and DJs incorporating dubstep into their music including
Flux Pavillion.

Thanks to the waves created by Flux Pavillion, dubstep music has been utilized by a number of famous artists in their work, most recently including Rihanna and Britney Spears. Catching any musician live on stage is a truly amazing experience that is guaranteed to knock your socks off, but watching a new artist-in-the-making take the stage is even better. Add to that a revolutionary new music style that has already started to make its place around the world, and you have a show that you do not want to miss. Hurry up and get your Flux Pavillion Chicago tickets here today! 

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