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The small metropolitan city in South Dakota has an ancient history. From its wild beginnings when it was known as a lawless town in the West to a friendly city the place has seen major changes. Deadwood took its name from the dead trees that were found in the gulch where gold was discovered. Having come a long way, the city is alive today boasting of historical monuments that bring to life the Wild West stories and tales. The brick streets, historic sites and special events that carry on all the year round makes the city a happening place which lures many visitors.

While retaining its old aesthetics and characters the city also offers modern comforts to ensure that those visiting it have a comfortable stay. With Deadwood tickets one can enjoy the natural scenic beauty, the historic buildings, museums and culture of old west.
The casinos, old buildings of the historic Deadwood tell the fascinating tales the city has witnessed.  The place has been on the National Historic Register and millions are being spent to restore its old Victorian character. The history of the Deadwood can be traced back to 1870s when gold was discovered. The gold rush attracted people and the city soon came to be known for its lawlessness and rowdy character. When the economy became mining oriented the city lost its negative reputation and started flourishing.
Natives of Deadwood started festivals to lure tourists and make the town a prosperous one. The tradition of colorful festivals has continued over the years. The famous event of the death of a notorious poker player known as Wild Bill Hickok fascinates the visitors till date who travel to visit the place he died at and also his grave. The town has several interesting cowboy stories that hold attraction for travelers who come to see traces of old west.
Summer is the perfect time to visit Deadwood as it is the time when there are many activities, parades, gaming tournaments, holiday celebrations and rodeo performances going on. Even for winter months there is plenty of activities like the Mardi Gras, the carnival that features parades and calls for celebration. Then there are the Halloween celebrations followed by Christmas festivities. For gaming there is the annual Deadwood Poker Shootout Tournament. Deadwood tickets bring you the opportunity to be part of the festivities and experience the unique celebrations the city offers.
 The city hosts many outdoor concerts like the annual Deadwood Jam in the spectacular outdoor setting of Dakota Black Hills. The two day event attracts world musicians and music fans that come to enjoy the concert along with food and wine.
The downtown area of the old Main Street has many shops that are unique in character and it also has historic hotels like the Bullock Hotel which was the first hotel in town built in 1890s.When it comes to dining Deadwood offers it all from fine dining experiences, traditional foods to popular modern food so you can indulge in any delightful culinary experience. With so much to offer the city makes a charming place to visit and have a memorable experience.

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