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A rocket of never ending entertainment is heading towards your way this season as 12 th Planet is going hit your planet. Be all set for some real groovy surprises as you are surely going to enjoy every bit of the concert that shall take place this season. 12 th Planet is all about new creation and innovation. 12 th Planet is all about the passion for music and his performances always make a mark on the music scene. This is the time to hold onto your breath and make all your dreams come true. So grab your 12 th Planet tickets so that you get to see the best of electronic music this season.

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12 th Planet is alias of John Dadzie who is basically the main man behind the whole creation and development of the idea. He started coming up with his numbers since 2008 where 28 Hours Later was his debut Single EP. He also possesses the production skills which can be seen in his launch of Imperial Recordings with DJ Lith. He is also the mastermind in coming up with the idea of dubstep which was the actual musical connotation of 12 th Planet. His idea of 12 th Planet only came out to the scene when he based the entire concept on Zecharia Sitchin’s book by the same name. Dadzie is basically the pioneer in brining the dubstep culture into America and 12 th Planet is often termed as the American Dubstep King.

The 12 th Planet is based on the mythological concept that is promoted by Sitchin where the American Dubstep King calls himself 12 th Planet where this planet’s hometown is Nibiru and this planet flies perpendicular to the whole system. So be ready for the hard impact and a blast that shall leave a definite mark forever. 12 th Planet’s main influences are Drum and Bass, House, Electro, Reggae, Punk, Psychelledic, Shock, Gangsta rap and of course Dubstep. This musician is multi talented and has produced tremendous hits like Needed Change, Father Said, and Jam Swag. He has come up with a number of remixes and lured his fans every time he comes up with something new.

12 th Planet has come up with some marvelous work as far as collaborations are concerned. For example he works frequently with Flinch and LA Local. Other collaborations from his side include work with Dastik, Skream, Doctor P and Plastician. He has also worked a lot in contributing to the music world with various dubstep DJs such as Skrillex, Skream and Rusko. The collaboration with DJs has brought another kind of life to his live performances where both him and Djs come up with something outstanding while giving a live performance.

12 th Planet has given remarkable EP hits such as 28 Hours EP in 2008, Ptera Patrik EP, Element 16 Sulphur, Texx Mar, Purple and Gold, Who Are We, What Are We and many more. His live performance shall also be studded with such amazing remixed jewels whereby you are surely going to experience an unforgettable evening out there. So get moving for the best show in town and you shall feel totally indulgent into this hip hop and rocking. 12 th Planet. He has also the honor of being represented by AM which is one of the biggest agencies in the electronic music industry. 12 th Planet has the honor of being URB.com’s Next 100.

12 th Planet is also well known for touring across the world as a DJ. He has also played in many American Dance Festivals and has toured countries like London, Australia, New Zealand and various cities of the U.S. He has played is festivals such as Electric Daisy Carnival, Ultra Music Festival, Coachella Valley Music Festival, Together As One and Beyond Wonderland amongst others. 12 th Planet is also working on giving various live performances in the future. His versions of different remixes have been promoted on MTV2 as well. His remixes in dubstep recordings have been done for various hit songs such as Youth Blood, Blow Your Head. So don’t miss the opportunity of watching the most happening concert of a lifetime and book your 12 th Planet tickets so that you thank us for letting you know about this great event and of course enjoy your time to the fullest.

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