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2 Pianos 4 Hands Tickets

One of the most successful Canadian plays of all time, 2 Pianos 4 Hands has been played to over two million people on five continents and has become a major influence in theater. Winning countless accolades and praises since its inception in 1996, the play has gained a high stature in the world of performing arts and has led a new age of creativity and exposure. The show has been translated in various languages including German, French, Japanese and Finnish. Produced several times overseas with sold out arenas and theaters, the production has proven to be truly famous worldwide. With awards for "Outstanding Production" at numerous platforms, the production has swayed the audiences for more than a decade and still going strong. Ranked as America’s second most produced plays of 2003 by American Theatre Magazine , the show’s true valor can only be experienced by acquiring 2 Pianos 4 Hands tickets.

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2 Pianos 4 Hands explores the comical element that comes while learning to play the piano as well as exposes the loss of dream and the sense of defeat it accompanies with it. The show reveals the comical yet riotous story of two friends with same dreams. The boys struggle through various hurdles that come along in the form of forceful parents, unconventional teachers, hard work, fear of competition, and stage fear. The story unravels through a fifteen years learning experience that the boys go through and the stage is shared by two pianos and various characters apart from the two leading actors. The protagonists demonstrate all their skills during the show’s duration by playing music ranging from classical to jazz. 2 Pianos 4 Hands includes a display of mastery of piano playing skills as well as allows the two actors to portray a diversified range of character traits. As the story unfolds and the characters mature, they realize the difference between being good and being great. The awareness comes with the cost of realizing that the dream of greatness that they set out for was out of reach in the first place. This mystifying universal truth takes a beautiful shape in the story and focuses on how talent and training play different roles in our lives.Originally written and performed by Richard Greenblatt and the very famous Ted Dykstra , 2 Pianos 4 Hands exceeded the writers’ expectation and became larger than life for them. The writers and performers were instantly acknowledged as great actors as well piano players. The journey began in 1993, when Richard and Ted were encouraged to pen down their early piano experience by director Andy McKim , after they appeared in Chamber Concerts Canada’s show. In 1994, Ted and Richard performed the show at Tarragon Theatre after forming their company "Talking Fingers." The show saw support from Ontario Arts Council and soon after the first performance, garnered enthusiast reviews from critics and audience alike. The play ran sold-out performances and received awards for "Outstanding Production" at Dora Mayor Moore Award and "Playwriting" at Chalmers Award. During 1997, 2 Pianos 4 Hands was widely praised when it performed Off Broadway at the Promenade Theatre where it went on for six months. The original production along with Ted and Richard performance also sold-out shows at the Royal Alexandra Theatre and the West End London .

Ted and Richard once again came together during 2003, for a revival of the show in Toronto that met magnificent reviews and sold-out theatres. The duo also toured in Japan, playing for weeks along with the largest theatre company’s of Japan.

The play has become one of the longest running shows and has been featured in countless lists as the "Top ten productions of the years" including the New York Post . 2 Pianos 4 Hands has been praised for its humor along with exhilarating story and breathtaking music that includes symphonies and music of Beethoven, Jerry Lewis and Bach. Described as "fresh and deliciously entertaining" by Toronto Star and "Magical, Superb, Laugh-out-loud funny, Poignant, Perfection!" by The Globe and Mail , the show leaves no page unturned in order to give the audience an amazing ride from start till the end. Obtaining 2 Pianos 4 Hands tickets will surely allow one to experience the mastery of two worlds from breathtaking piano playing to skillful acting along with the perfect mix of a story that has amazed the world for over a decade.

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