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3 Doors Down is one of the most famous rock bands of the current era. They have been on the circuit for over a decade and a half and during that time have gone on to establish themselves at the top of the mountain as a band others look up to. They are now on tour for their fans so grab your 3 Doors Down tickets and catch them live in concert.

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3 Doors Down was incepted when Todd Harrell, Brad Arnold and Matt Roberts got together in the year 1996. The three of them began to set off on road trips frequently. They spent around two years as a three member group but then felt the need to add another guitarist to their ranks. That is when Chris Henderson came on board.
They went about recording a demo of their tracks and put those down on a CD which was then given to a local radio channel. The EP version of the track Kryptonite turned out to be a big hit over radio waves. That caught the attention of major record labels and it wasn’t long before they were being signed up by some of the biggest recording companies in the business.
3 Doors Down went to work on their first album "The Better Life" which hit the music stores in the year 2000. It turned out to be an enormous hit. Tracks like "Duck and Run," "Kryptonite" and "Loser" managed to capture prominent positions on charts. The Better Life didn’t take too long to go over three million in sales. It has since gone on to be certified six times platinum by the RIAA.
All that success pushed them group under the spotlight and they thrived under it. "Away from the Sun" was their second album that came out two years after their first release. It carried on from where its predecessor left off by becoming their second successive rip roaring hit. It sold in excess of four million copies globally. In the U.S. sales figures totaled well over a staggerring three million.
The band was hot commodity by now and so were 3 Doors Down tickets which were being bought left right and center by fans everywhere. They performed on tours and headlined major events to push their popularity even further. They followed it up by releasing an EP titled "Another 700 Miles" that was certified gold.
"Seventeen Days" was the name of their third album and it was released in 2005. It did very well on charts on its way to selling over one million copies to earn platinum status. The "Seventeen Days" tour was then arranged which was attended by fans in huge numbers wherever they went to perform. The year 2008 saw the release of a self-titled album by 3 Doors Down. It went straight to the pinnacle of Billboard 200 on its debut. The album has since been certified gold for its efforts. The band’s next album was titled "Time of My Life" and it was released in 2011.
3 Doors Down have been frequent performers as a touring act over the course of their illustrious history so much so that at a time they have headlined around a whopping three hundred concerts in a year. They have sold well over twenty million albums around the globe and have won some of the most prestigious awards in the business. They are now on their latest road trip where they will once again showcase what makes them so brilliant. This is your chance to book 3 Doors Down tickets and hop on for a ride you will not forget in a hurry.

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