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If you have never attended a live concert and want to watch a great artist playing in front of your eyes, your dream is about to come true. 933 Jingle Ball Cody Simpson tickets are available on our website at the best possible rates, so book your deals right away. The concert is known to attract hordes of audiences as the outstanding rhythm beats and tunes will show you a great time.

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Cody Robert Simpson is a pop singer from Australia who is at present signed to the Atlantic Records. Besides being a stellar musician, he is also a skilled swimmer and has won two gold medals in Queensland Swimming Championships. He made his way to the music industry by recording songs at home and uploading them on YouTube in 2009. The numbers that he recorded were, Jason Mraz’s I’m Yours, Senorita and Cry Me A River by Justin Timberlake, Jackson 5’s I Want You Back, and some of his own songs like Perfect and One. Shawn Campbell who is a record producer, discovered Cody on YouTube. Simpson rose to fame when he was featured in 2009, on "The 7.30 Report". He came up with his first single "Iyiyi" and released the video of his second song "Summertime", in 2010. In the same year, he released "4 U", an EP that consisted of five songs. He released an album Coast To Coast in 2011 and it reached no. 12 on the Billboard 100. Cody was successful to have sold twenty four thousand copies across the country. A single "On My Mind" was released by him in May 2011. He came up with "Preview to Paradise", an EP containing four tracks from his forthcoming studio record "Paradise" which released in October 2012. It is announced that Cody will be touring Europe in November 2012 and will attract million of fans with his performance. Previously as well this incredible singer has been part of many successful tours and festivals. In 2010 he took part in the Camplified 2010 Tour, with some other artists that toured all over the country. It lasted for a month starting from July to August. He has been touring the country extensively and made his mark in events such as the "Waiting 4U" and "Coast To Coast Mall Tour" in 2011, to promote his 2nd EP and embarked on "Welcome To Paradise" and Paradise Tour" in 2012. This year as he comes your way, you must not miss your chance to be a part of his show. So get ready to catch your favorite artist live and book your Jingle Ball tickets now!

Cody is not a stereotypical teen artist, covered in scandals; in fact he is known to be humble and down to earth.  He co-scripts most of his music which includes his track "Wish U Were Here," which he sang in front of eighteen thousand people in his recent concert. Cody earlier toured with Justin Bieber and will be joining his "Believe Tour" in November this year. He is also visiting from city to city alone to promote his latest album. He has also done some films, starring in small roles in movies like, Punk’d, So Random, Prank Stars, Figure It Out. He bagged the lead role in the movie Finding Cody.

You have most probably heard the artist on radio, iPods or seen him on TV, but now is the time to watch him performing live on stage. So, grab some Jingle Ball concert tickets and have some real fun with the star as nothing is as exciting as seeing a great artist live, setting the stage on fire. Don’t miss the show as Cody is going to rock your evening.

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