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Florence and the Machine, with only a few years on the circuit, has not only captured the imagination but also the sincere following of music lovers around the world. Florence Welch is the main performer with the band, (referred to as the machine) consists of session’s artists and her collaborator since the bands inception, Isabella Summers. The band falls under a variety of genre with Indie rock, experimental rock, art rock and soul all mixed up to brew up a healthy stew which would wet any music lovers appetite. The music of the band has gone through a musical metamorphoses while staying true to its genre.

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Florence Welch hails from a family of intellectuals where from an early age she had an ear for music. Influenced by both her parents to foray into this industry, Florence’s interest in singing started when she was in school. Her interest in music compounded when she listened to one of her mother’s lectures at the University of London. Florence considers that to be one of the defining moments in her life, as she aspires to emulate her mother through music. The lyrics have a Renaissance flavor which coincidentally is Welch’s mother specialization. Welch feels that artists’ struggles today are very similar to the ones Renaissance artists went through.

Florence Welch remains the singer and songwriter while Isabella Summers performs keyboards and backing vocals. Other members in the band include Robert Ackroyd (guitar), Chris Hayden (drums), and Tom Monger (harp). However, Welch and Summers are the only permanent members of the band. Florence and the Machine started off performing in small London Venues and were a regular fixture on the London indie rock scene, collaborating frequently with other artists. Florence and the Machine broke into mainstream when they were featured on ‘BBC Introducing’. A platform that showcases young and upcoming talent, which turned out to be the band’s turning point.

Florence and the Machine have been nominated for several awards amid critical acclaim. The music is a blend of English art rock with shades of the classics and soul. The band is part of the alternative movement popular in the underground music scene. Florence and the Machines debut album ‘Lungs’ was released on the July 6, 2009. The album is the result of a mutual collaboration between Welch and Summers. The album reached number one in both UK and US Billboard Heart seekers chart. Within a month of the release, 100,000 copies were sold and remained on top of the charts for several weeks. The song ‘Kiss with a fist’ became particularly famous being featured as the soundtrack for movies like Wild Child, Jennifer’s Body and St.Trinian’s 2: The Legend of Frittons Gold. The song was also featured on television for series Gossip Girl, Community and Covert Affairs.

Songs from the second album ‘Ceremonials’ have been released which according to Welch has ‘ more dark, more heavy, bigger drum sounds, bigger bass, but with more of a whole sound ’. With rave reviews for ‘Lungs’, the band has started experimenting with sound. Florence and the machine remains one of the most exciting musical experiences active on the music scene today. With great music and mesmerizing vocals the performance is unique and enjoyable. 93xrt Big Holiday Concert Florence and the Machine tickets offer an easy access to anyone who wishes to experience music in its rawest form being performed by seasoned professionals. The band is only an album old and with only a few years under their belt and the sound seems to be going through an evolutionary process. However, the performance is mature and well choreographed .The band’s music has been referred to as having snippets of soul with the use of harp as an instrument nicely blending in the background. The band has performed at the 2010 MTV Awards, the prestigious 2010 Nobel Peace Prize Awards, and Glastonbury. Welch has also collaborated as a solo artist with performers like A.R. Rehman, Dizzee Rascal, Kid Harpoon and Drake.

The Sunday Times calls it ‘ the most peculiar and most highly acclaimed’ . The band has been nominated for a Grammy and won the Critics Choice Award . Florence and the Machine’s musical style has been described as ‘ dark, robust and romantic ’. With critical acclaim and numerous awards and nominations under its belt, it would be safe to say that 93xrt Big Holiday Concert Florence and the Machine tickets is a must for anyone who wants to enjoy an electric performance by one of the hottest acts on the musical circuit today.

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