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If you are real fan of hard core music, then be prepared for an awesome hard rocking evening out there. This time A Lot like Birds is coming your way to make it happen. This band is crazy, vivacious and full of energy that is hardly comparable anywhere. So create the magic in your lives and take this real mind blowing performance inside you to touch your heart and your soul. A Lot like Birds has definitely got a lot to offer and they have surely come to treat you with their specialty which none other than A Lot like Birds possess. These guys know to make the best show ever and they rock to the fullest. This time you don’t need to wait for anything but to enjoy your evening, so book your A Lot like Birds tickets as soon as possible be ready to enjoy the best moments ever.

A Lot like Birds is a band that consists of 6 to 8 people from Sacramento who create a blast on stage. They usually have produced work that is heavy metal and they create thunder on stage. They usually create deep moods and sensational numbers which make the audience go completely go completely crazy. A Lot like Birds give their songs and their concerts a completely emotional mood and one just can’t resist dancing if you form the crowd that is listening to this wonderful band. You shall also see this band experiment with a lot of music and mood swings which shall take you to a completely different world of music and fun.

The band members of A Lot like Birds consist of Kurt Travis at vocals, Michael Franzino at guitar, Ben Viacek at guitar, Michael Littlefield at the bass, Corry Lockwood at vocals and Joe Arrington at drums. Currently the band is recording all their numbers with Doghouse Records. The most popular thing about this band is that they love to experiment with different numbers and different melodies. At the same time they know that they are giving their audience something really different and innovative. A Lot like Birds have incorporated orchestral and friendly sounds which are mixed with sounds of high metallic end.

The main vocalist of the band Kurt Travis was an ex member of the famous band Dance Gavin Dance and he is basically the new man behind all the scenes and the singing that is done by A Lot like Birds. He has surely come with a lot of talent and experience which is benefitting A Lot like Birds in many of the songs that it is producing and coming up with. The second front man for A Lot like Birds is Cory Lockwood is another vocalist who is surely set to stir magic in the band through his voice. Because of these great additions to the band, A Lot like Birds have been signed to the Doghouse Records and The Artery Foundation is handling all their management.

The debut album by A Lot like Birds was Plan B and this album was the main idea by the guitarist Michael Franzino who invited a number of artists to play some role or the other in the recording of the songs like outstanding orchestra and even some female vocalists. After the release of their first album, they have worked on expanding their fan base and enhancing their audience as well. They have worked on live concerts and have promoted their songs and their talents live and have won a lot of praise for the difference that they create every time they perform. Their second album was released in 2011 by the name of Conversation Piece where Kris Crummet is handling all the production and engineering responsibilities of the album.

So quench your hardcore metallic music thirst by watching A Lot like Birds perform live in front of you. You will realize that you have entered heavens and shall enjoy every moment of the concert that A Lot like Birds shall present to you. The stage will be set with thunder and every moment will be a big screaming surprise and you will surely be indulged into dancing with every move and swinging with every groove. So get moving now and book your A Lot like Birds tickets with us as fast as you can!

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