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A Perfect Circle does justice to the rock and metal music by producing the most refined tunes and melodious music. A promising band from Los Angeles is recognized for its mature music which is definitely going to be a treat for the ears and soulful lyrics will touch your heart. The band has the art of holding your attention till the last beat of the song. Five members, having their individual music careers, combined to form a band whose performance will evoke your love for music.

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Billy Howerdel , the former band member of ‘Tool’, ‘Nine Inch Nails’, ‘Fishbone’ and ‘Pumpkins’, along with another member from the band ‘Tool’- Maynard James Keenan , are responsible for the formation of this cherished band. The remaining three talented artists are James Iha, Josh Freese and Matt McJunkins . A Perfect Circle was formed in 1999. After a year, it released their debut album which made the highest ever sales during the first week. The inaugural performance by the five gifted members was seen at the Viper Club reception in Los Angeles. The solid performance demonstrated the perfect chemistry between the band members and it earned them healthy appreciation and positive feedback.

Generating the most untraditional tunes with the blend of alternative rock and metal, the debut album ‘Mer de Noms’ was released with Virgin Records . The album debuted at #4 in the US and was certified multi-platinum in many countries simultaneously. The record sales of 188,000 in the first week and the successful tour promoting this album made it a massive hit. A few changes in the band’s line-up were seen after the tour. Three years later, the second album came into picture and it reached #2 on the US charts. It had the most mesmerizing sounds which were much different, melodic and deeper.

After receiving a positive feedback from the listeners, A Perfect Circle decided to go on a tour in multiple countries including Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. The best songs from the album ‘The Outsider’, ‘Weak and Powerless’ and ‘Blue’ grasped the full attention of the listeners with their heavy music.

The ultimate fever continued and after a year the third release ‘eMOTIVE’ hit the Billboard album charts at #2 again. The cover songs ‘Imagine’ and ‘Fiddle and the Drum’ by the legendary artists John Lennon and Joni Mitchell were included in the album. Later that year, a DVD release, containing the remix numbers and music videos was also released, named as "aMOTION".

The live performances by A Perfect Circle became widely popular among the music fans. The band entertains the audiences by adding humor and acting to their acts along with singing. The ‘Supergroup’ has performed with some great artists of all times and has always delivered more than the fans’ expectations. The group is often seen on TV as well, on various top shows such as Kimmel Live! and Last Call with Carson Daly .

Unfortunately, the band had some differences in 2004 after which the members scattered and started their individual careers. A farewell performance at Denver, Colorado left thousands of fans in distress. But, the good news is that the hiatus lasted for 4 years and they re-united once again. In 2010, they started to tour extensively and the fans welcomed them with full enthusiasm.

2011’s tour is going to include 24 cities in the US after which they will start working for their future release.

A Perfect Circle creates the most melodic music to keep you fully engrossed in their tracks. The band has received many distinctions for its elaborative efforts of creating unique and ingenious music. One of the most polished music bands having experienced band members will definitely entertain you in a delightful way. Get Discount A Perfect Circle Tickets and get ready to watch a charismatic live performance!

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