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Remember the cute little blond boy Aaron Carter, who sang the sweet songs Crush on You and Crazy Little Party Girl back in the late 90s? The little hip hop and pop singer is now all grown up and has continued his musical success by establishing himself as a truly talented artist who can sing, rap and dance all together while on the side he is also seen writing songs and pursuing an acting career. Carter is known for his exciting and fun concert shows with a very fancy party ambiance, that feature trendy pop and dance-pop tunes so that the audience can dance along to the energetic set list. Owing to Carter’s hot funky live performance and thrilling entertainment style, those Aaron Carter tickets have become a hot favorite particularly among teenagers and twenty-somethings. His live performances have been recorded and released in the form of DVDs titled Aaron’s Part: Live in Concert in 2001, and Oh Aaron: Live in Concert in 2002. Alongside the artist has also generously performed a few benefit concerts such as the one at Lake Ronkonkoma.

Aaron Carter started his singing career, making very professional performances, when he was only seven years old. Initially he became part of band called Dead End as its main vocalist but quit working for it after only two years since he was completely interested in making pop music while the band tended to follow more of a musically alternative path. In 1997, Carter’s very first solo performance was for the opening of Backstreet Boys in their Berlin Concert, where Carter sang a cover from The Jets’ titled Crush on You . The brilliant performance prompted a record contract offer for the then ten year old Carter, who excitedly accepted it, thrilled to finally get a chance to create the kind of music that truly intrigued him. Later that year, the young star released his first solo single Crush on You , which was followed by a full length pop album. This album which was noted to be Carter’s debut act went on to take the gold status in Canada, Denmark, Spain, Germany and Norway. The album came out a little late comparatively for the US audience, being released in mid June of 1998.

With astonishing success from his first solo album, Aaron Carter was encouraged to quickly make his next album which was released nationally in September 2000, titled Aaron’s Party (Come Get It), which was released through Jive label. This second album, with a rather catchy title, skyrocketed to popularity and became an instant favorite particularly among teenagers and pre-teens, selling over one and a half million copies in the US. The album was filled with fun dance pop tracks such as I Want Candy, Bounce and That’s How I Beat Shaq . In 2001, Carter stepped into acting by starring as a guest in an episode of Lizzy McGuire on Disney Channel. He was soon introduced to Samantha Mumba with whom he performed a live concert show for Disney Channel at Disney MGM Studios.

Aaron Carter recorded his third album titled Oh Aaron that came out in 2001, after he turned thirteen. This album was special since it featured Carter’s very first duet officially recorded with his older brother Nick, who was a band member of the Backstreet Boys. In conjunction with the release of this album, Play Along Toys, fashioned an action figure after Carter. A year later, in 2002, Carter released his fourth album titled Another Earthquake while he was still busy performing the exciting tour Rock, Rap and Retro. This album had slightly different themed songs such as the essentially patriotic track America A.O. and an overwhelmingly romantic ballad titled Do You Remember . The young maestro later released his first collection album Most Requested Hits that contained songs from his three previous albums while alongside featuring a brand new track called One Better , released in late 2003.

An all new single Saturday Night was released in March 2005, which Aaron Carter promoted during his Remix Tour the same year. The track was released through the label Trans Continental, with executive producer Lou Pearlman. This incredible song was later featured as the soundtrack of the film Popstar, which also starred the singer. In 2006, Carter released two more compilation albums, both of which made it big as is expected when it is a truly talented singer like Carter. If you get the golden chance of attending one of Carter’s enthralling concert, hurry and get hold of Aaron Carter tickets before the other fans do the grabbing.

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