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Aaron Lewis is the super hip, truly talented musical maestro from the hard rock band called Staind that was created in 1995 in Massachusetts and went big becoming an instant favorite. Lewis is a spectacular vocalist, blessed with an impressive range of vocal attributes, and an amazingly innovative guitarist who can effortlessly command guitar rhythms with his natural musical brilliance. Off late the brave artist has endeavored to experiment with country rock, which has become exceedingly popular among both the rock and country loving crowds. The man has gained much recognition for delivering some seriously thrilling concert performances, releasing award winning singles and videos, collaborating with other big act musicians and for using famous Gibson equipment. He has released two absolutely outstanding singles by the names Outside in 2000, and Country Boy in 2011, which have brought him more prominence than any of his other contributions. Among music lovers who are fond of the post-grunge, alternative metal and acoustic rock genres, Aaron Lewis tickets are considered to bring a real treat.

Aaron Lewis is known to concentrate on his vocals with particular reference to the specificity of the song lyrics. His mega hit track Outside that was a joint effort with Fred Durst, which climbed up to the number one spot on US charts was recorded with the utmost intensity and pain that is strongly visible in Lewis’s distinctly expressive vocals. Lewis is heard screaming yet maintain a contradictory calm as he sings I’m on the outside, I’m lookin in, I can see through you, see through the rearview, and inside you’re ugly, ugly like me’, after which he executes a significant haul that pretty much delivers the crux of the seriously cynicism inducing track. Alongside, Lewis focuses on developing theme relevant videos that rightfully communicate the essence of the song like he did with the Country Boy video that involved Charlie Daniels and George Jones. The spectacular video directed by Alex Castino, was nominated for two prestigious awards by CMT Music Awards , in the categories of Breakthrough Video of the Year and Collaborative Video of the Year .

Aaron Lewis released his first solo album called Town Line in March 2011 with Stroudavarious Records, and it was right away spotted on the number one spot in US Country charts, number seven on over all US music charts and in the third place in both, US rock and Indie charts. This album is fairly explicit with reference to Lewis’s personal views on politics and society. In his smash hit single Country Boy, he has expressed his opinion regarding guns in the line you’ll never catch me out the house without my 9 or .45 and again when he says I love my country, I love my guns . The debut country album also includes other meaningful, deep songs such as Vicious Circle, Massachusetts and The Story Never Ends . The EP also features the track Tangled up in You , which was initially released on The Illusion of Progress .

Having performed solo on a very regular basis since he was only seventeen, Aaron Lewis is quite comfortable and remarkable at entertaining a huge crowd. The artist has written and sung many songs that have yet to see an official release including Something Like Me, Angel, Bonghits for Breakfast, Sleeping at the Wheel and Anywhere but Here . Lewis has been featured on various collaborations with other world renowned artists making vocal contributions and concert shows. He sang alongside Corey Taylor in an acoustic performance in which the duet sang American big hit songs like Down in a Hole by Alice In Chains, Black by Pearl Jam and Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd. He has been featured on hot tracks such as No Sex by Limp Bizkit, remix version of Crawling popularly known as Krwling by Linkin Park, Send in the Clowns and Bleed by Cold, Follow by Sevendust and Falling Out by Jimmie Chicken Shack. The wanted singer has also contributed his vocals to complete albums like 13 Ways to Bleed on Stage by Cold.

Aaron Lewis has been nominated for the prestigious Grammys three times and in 2006, he was notably listed in the high end metal magazine called Hit Parade in its All Time Heavy Metal’s Top 100 Vocalists on the forty-ninth spot. Get the seriously hot rocking Aaron Lewis tickets and experience Lewis’s live guttural screams in the spacious arena.

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