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If you want to rock on with some great music, then this is your chance to get moving and rocking with the one and only Ace Frehley. This one person is a show stopper and a show rocker and will make sure that you get to hear the best and see an ultimate performance that was never witnessed before. We are offering you some great value on our tickets so hurry up and get your Ace Frehley tickets from us right now and get the best deals for yourself and your loved ones. This is your chance to experience an event that will just make you go crazy as Ace Frehley will create all those enticing moments for you.

Ace Frehley was one of the pioneers who introduced the concept of the space age and some years back his band adopted costumers and theatrical attire to reflect the Spaceman theme in the concerts. This theme was loved by his fans and the craze was reflected in the fans response themselves. His band known as Kiss was really famous and Ace Frehley was the lead guitarist of the band. He played for the band for nearly ten years before departing in 1982, the time when he actually started a career of his own. His solo career was marked by successful albums in their very first year of its release. His albums EP Live +1 and Second Sighting spawned some really cool tracks which captured the hearts and minds of the audience instantly.

Ace Frehley’s solo career was not that of a solo career as he gathered a new band which released a number of demo tracks during its first year of formation. This new band toured many places and presented their numbers in full flow and received a lot of appreciation too. The new turn of events proved to be very fortunate for the bright and budding singer of the 1980s. His music was based more on hard rock and heavy metal in which he recorded some mainstream tracks. Ace Frehley peaked the Billboards by many of his numbers such as Rock Soldiers and Into the Night . All his hit tracks of the 1980s are still remembered to the fullest and his fans always follow him for the immense pop and rock that he has delivered in the past decades.

Ace Frehley has had a career of many variations. He has the great experience of working with bands and working individually as well. His music speaks of a fusion of many efforts and he surely represents the art of utilizing such fusion to the more advanced extent. The more later years of Ace Frehley’s musical journey saw a reunion with his old bad Kiss once again in 1995 where the band first appeared on MTV unplugged . The fans were truly overjoyed and were brought to die hard emotions when they saw the lively hard rock performance once again. Ace Frehley once again carried a huge number of tours which made him circulate his new tracks everywhere amongst his fans. He totally possesses the art of making getting his audience after him and following him wherever he goes and whatever band he forms.

Ace Frehley knows the magic of performing live and that is the reason why he tours around and makes his sensational rock songs be heard where ever he can take his voice. This time too his performance his going to overwhelm you and bring out all your emotions outside all loud and clear. It is going to be an evening to remember and an evening to cherish. Be ready to carry the fondest of all memories that you shall embed in your mind forever. You shall enjoy the passion, the style and exuberance filled event, all meant to get you kicking the floor and stamping your feet all along the great numbers that will be presented by none other than Ace Frehley.

So gear up and be all set for an amazing concert that is going to take you into the past few decades and also give you the flavor of contemporary hard rock. You will never forget this evening and Ace Frehley’s passion for rock. We will make all your wishes come true as you come and attend this evening and book your Ace Frehley tickets with us as soon as possible because what we plan to give you, nobody else can. Hit it hard on the road and be there with Ace Frehley.

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