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This season, be ready to be caught up in some real entertainment. This entertainment shall be given by none other than Marcus Adoro who was part of a successful band and played as a lead guitarist for them. He is surely in with something big this time because he knows what all his fans require. He has seen and produced some of the hottest alternative rock numbers and his guitar acoustics are something really out of the world. Adoro is simply sensational and you shall enjoy the live experience of Adoro’s concert as he shall perform brilliantly on this evening. So get going and make the most out of it, and buy your Adoro tickets as soon as you can so that you get to rock with Adoro all evening long.

Adoro was the lead guitarist of the 90s hit band Eraserheads from Philippines. With this band, Adoro gave a number of hits and really came up with some remarkable tunes as far using his guitar was concerned. He also wrote some famous songs for the band such as Escalator Alligator, Pula and Wala. Adoro’s remarkable talent on the guitar can be seen in the song Maskar that he sung for the band in their early years where he played backwards in just one take. And this was really one amazing efforts by this amazing guitarist. So just be prepare to get the best as this man shall sweep the whole saw and leave all amazed.

The first independent project by Adoro after he left the band was known as KamonKamon . This project was primarily based on the adventures of his pet dog of the same name as the project. In this regard Adoro also did collaborative work with legends like Pepe Smith and many others. According to this artist, this project was an outcome of his philosophy and therefore he released his work after careful selection of producers and record companies. Adoro is generally very meticulous about his work and the projects that he executes are simply exotic and this time too he has something really nice to present.

Adoro has been a really popular figure at Philippines. He also formed his own band by the name of Marco Highway which means Philippine Road. He has kept his band with a complete rock and roll theme and he wants his band to follow a completely different line when compared to other bands. His band has toured many places and his band mates are also very talented. He has also got a strong backing from existing artists such as Sunflower Day Camp. He also toured with the same band where the tour was a short one but it gave the band a good deal of exposure of touring and getting the concerts done on an independent front.

Adoro enjoys his present life as a local surfer based in La Union. He enjoys his new role as a surfer and feels that it relaxes him and gives his music creations new ideas and ways to innovate. Adoro has also undertaken short directing stints on different topics which are rather unrelated to music but it surely has an innovative and creative value. Adoro has also given a number of single hits such as American Girl, Rakenrol and Bonfire. So make sure that you beat the dance floor hard with the numbers that he shall sing because when it comes to giving out hits of pure alternative rock, then Adoro is the man to look forward to. So get on and get going as you shall enjoy this time like nothing else. We are offering you some great deals and we are sure that you will enjoy each and every moment of the show and will surely want to not miss it. So be all set and book your Adoro tickets with us as soon as you can because this time is going to be the best time to rock like anything.

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