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If you want to listen to a distinct sound of music that quintessentially represents the fusion of various cultural tunes and melodies then Afrocubism is what you are looking for. In 2010 Eliades Ochoa, a Cuban musician from the town of Loma de la Avispa located in the neighboring regions of Santiago de Cuba, recorded an exquisite album that boasts of some enticingly beautiful exotic tinkles that resulted after the joint effort of various Malian and Cuban musicians, which included the famous Malian kora artist Toumani Diabate. This wonderfully original album is called Afrocubism and is the only one of its kind with musical finesse the cultured high end music lovers crave the sound of but hardly ever find. Among such a crowd, alongside those people who love trying out something new and eccentric, Afrocubism tickets have been a popular favorite.

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Eliades Ochoa is the main, most prominent figure on the production of Afrocubism, who is also considered to be the musical group’s leader. Ochoa is a singer and guitarist who began flirting with the guitar at the tender age of six and in just a few yearsgained much technical experience to play professionally as a young boy. In 1978 Ochoa was asked to become the front man of a Cuban band that was created in 1939 called Cuarto Patricia, to which he consented with the condition that he be allowed to bring in new sounds and experiment with newer combinations. He released several albums with titled Estoy Como Nunca, tribute to The Cuarteto Patricia, Llega El Cuarteto Patricia, Eliades Ochoa YEl Cuarteto Patricia, Sublime Illusion, A Una Coqueta, Lion is Loose, and CubAfrica . Ochoa has recorded a score of solo albums as well through 2000 to 2006, which include Chanchaneando , Cuidadito Company Gallo, Son Se Oriente, Son De Santiago, Ochoa Y Segundo, Se Solto un Leon and La colleccion cubana : Eliades Ochoa .

Ochoa, whose trademark style necessitates his cowboy hat, appears to be a guajiro but has his roots in the son . He is very fond of playing the instrument called tres and cuatro , both of which belong to the same family of musical apparatus. The bold and innovative artist has always tended to experiment with a combination of traditional and nontraditional instruments which is the quality that gave rise to the genius production of Afrocubism. Ochoa has been an actively contributive member of the Wim Wenders film called Buena Vista Social Club and the club itself, which brought him recognition from all over the world.

Afrocubism is mostly dominated by West African ambience even though its musical contributions from Malian and Cuban sides are just the same. Besides Ochoa, other main singers are Kasse-Mady Diabate and Toumani Diabate who have both maintained an impressively charismatic presence throughout. Toumani has had experience in similar cross-cultural collaborations that include jazz, blues and flamenco among other well known musical genres. In fact Toumani has fascinatingly led the Symmetric Orchestra which intriguingly comprises of musicians from the ancient Mande Empire in West Africa, where a rich, traditional combination of musical instruments is played that consists of the balafon, kora, djembe and bolombatto, alongside contemporary ones such as the electronic keyboard and guitar. Toumani has produced albums in collaboration with the flamenco group called Ketama. He has also worked in the Songhai group with whom he released two studio recordings titled Songhai part I and II.

The truly rare album is not just a musical cultural fusion, it also entails the long historic significance of musical give and take between West Africa and Cuba, the success of which given the actors involved, is not particularly surprising. They have created compatibility among the various instruments, melodies and typical characteristics of each others’ music and have completed a greatly notable artistic endeavor that must have a sequel. As BBC rightly points out, Afrocubism is a ‘supergroup’ that should give another shot to making such an outstandingly remarkable album. So come to a one of a kind musical show that will allow you to experience the different cultural flavors and tunes of Cuban and Malian art. Get Afrocubism tickets, jazz up and be there with your music loving friends and listen to the exotically pleasing melodies that will be more memorable than any other concert with the electric guitar being strung methodically alongside the traditional rumba.

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