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It is time to enjoy some piano fiesta as the Ahn Trio are all set to give the fabulous treat to piano lovers who know the real worth of piano. Ahn Trio has revived the love for this great piece of music which was probably not given much prominence era for pop and rap music got more focus amongst the audience. Ahn Trio have done a great job in bringing out such phenomenal breakthrough and a great and innovative presentation of classical piano which is just sweet as ever to any music lover. So it is time to shun off your curiosity and book your Ahn Trio tickets as soon as you can so that you enjoy your evening amidst of some great classical piano.

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Ahn Trio is basically a trio formed by three sisters Angela, Lucia and Maria who play violin, piano and cello respectively during their performance. They are basically from Korea and have brought classical music and instrumental form of music back into life along with genre-crossing programming and various collaborative works with other artists. They have enhanced music and their collaborative work shows that the addition from their side has given a lot of songs a new dynamism and new outlook as well. Ahn Trio has been performing since 1989 and ever since then they have been recognized for their great work wherever they go and perform.

It was in the year 1987 that they were first recognized by the title of Whiz Kids by the TIME magazine where they were featured in a cover story as being one of the Asian-American whiz-kids. After that they came up with their professional work in 1989 and have been appearing time and again in such magazines and various news which have portrayed Ahn Trio in being remarkable and their contribution towards classical music. Ahn Trio has always given in their best efforts in promoting classical music wherever they can. They have tried all media of communication in bringing out awareness to music lovers about the importance of classical music and how its traditional roots can never be forgotten.

In terms of brining classical music t the forefront, the contribution by the Ahn Trio has been spectacular. They have never missed out on any opportunity to perform or to bring their performance to recognition. No doubt they don’t need to work hard on getting the audience love their work because their work is truly outstanding and rich in its outcome. Ahn Trio has brought out the true beauty of music and the originality that all types of music have generated from. In this regard, their contribution can really be regarded as one of the most inspiriting and talent-full on the music forefront. As far as their recognition is concerned, they were brought to the limelight as three of the 50 most beautiful people by the People’s Magazine and have featured in various ads for fashion magazines.

They have performed beautifully on their first two albums which were purely classical in which one of the albums even won then a German ECHO award. But the classical recognition is just not enough for this multi-talented trio, in fact, Ahn Trio have done collaborative works with The Doors and David Bowie along with a number of other great names in music composition. Ahn Trio have also made an appearance on MTV’s Unplugged with Bryan Adams where they also released an album inspired by this work known as Ahn-Plugged. Their most recent album Lullaby for my Favorite Insomniac also includes collaborative work with vocalists Susie Suh and some renowned DJs of the music world.

Ahn Trio have given out a number of performances in the United States and a lot of stage works, workshops and master classes in various colleges, schools and universities. They even appeared in the TED Conference in 2010 where they gave interesting performances on popular music. They have even honored the South Korean president by giving out a truly classical performance and are continuing to make waves across the world. Their live performances are really well known and now that they have achieved such a great name, they have millions of fans out there. So watch for Ahn Trio this time as well as they are going to surprise you with yet another fusion of music and some inspiring tunes for your ears. Book your Ahn Trio tickets now and head for this great event.

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