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She is back and she is back with a bang. Aimee Mann the woman is in town and she knows how to stir the magic in the concert. This time be ready to drool in something different and something exciting as Aimee Mann shall rock the whole event with her powerful melodies and songs that create a difference that is one of its own kind. She has been in the music industry for quite some time and she knows how to get things well placed. Aimee Mann has always given the most memorable performances ever and this time too she will keep her to her standards and will surely give her fans what they actually want. So wait no more and book your Aimee Mann tickets as soon as you can so you have a blast of a lifetime.

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It was in the 1980s that Aimee Mann released her first album Voices Carry. She also featured on the Rush song Time Stand Still in 1987 which also became a hit in the UK. She is a multi talented musician who is not just a rock singer but a songwriter, guitarist and a bassist as well. In fact, her song writing skills won her many accolades and it was in the 1990s that she became increasingly famous on account of this. As far as songwriting is concerned, she released albums like Welcome Home and Everything’s Different Now. After a few more releases and working and producing albums more like a band and with different degrees of collaboration, Aimee Mann started heading towards a solo career.

The 1990s saw Aimee Mann start up a solo career of her singing. Whatever was her first solo album where as the 1995 release I’m with Stupid was her second album. She also released albums such as Bachelor No. 2 and Shaken and Stirred: The David Arnold James Bond Project . Her albums gained recognition in the general public but it was in 1999 that she made a big time breakthrough in the music scene when she contributed eight songs to the soundtrack of Thomas Anderson’s Magnolia . Her song from the soundtrack Save Me was also nominated for the Grammy awards which again was a big achievement for Aimee Mann.

After her big achievement in terms of giving the soundtracks of movies, she became one of the prominent contributors of giving soundtracks to movies. In the 1998, Sliding Doors her song Amateur appeared very prominently in the movie. Aimee Mann even founded her own recording label in 1999 by the name of SuperEgo Records in 1999. Under her new record label, she even re-released her album Bachelor No. 2 which actually became really famous and more recognized than before. In fact, this album of Aimee Mann was also considered as more indie than indie as it was noted by other musicians.

The 2002 release of Lost in Space by Aimee Mann had more of serious melodies as compared to her previous albums. She even played many of her songs from this album in her live concerts. Not only that but Aimee Mann and her band also played two songs from her album Lost in Space in one of the episodes in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. In 2005, Aimee Mann released another album The Forgotten Arm which was basically a concept album that was set in the 1970s and it is about two lovers who meet at the Virginia State Fair and then their love story begins. She even won a Grammy Award for this album as being having the best art direction. The concept of boxing and blows during a boxing match was also the highlight of this album.

Aimee Mann also released a Christmas album in 2005 and worked more toward Christmas EP in 2006 as well. She worked on a number of Christmas themes for various movies and also released a purely Christmas based album One More Drifter in the Snow in 2006. Aimee Mann has also released some numbers of YouTube on popular demand. She has been on the Billboard 200 as well. In 2009, she also announced that she would be continuing more musical work on her album The Forgotten Arm. Aimee Mann is also working on more albums and is very actively working in coming up with more music that shall create ripples in the music world once again. So be ready to rock and grab your Aimee Mann tickets now!

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