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Air Supply is a soft rock duo from Australia, which was formed in Melbourne in 1975. Russell Hitchcock and Graham Russell are the two band members who have spent more than four decades serving the music industry. The formation of the band can be traced back to the seventies when these two members and a third member Chrissie Hammond met at the rehearsals of the musical ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’. They became friends immediately as they shared common interests. Therefore, following their dreams, they took the step to form a band named as Air Supply. Russell played guitar whereas Hitchcock and Hammond were on vocals. Soon, Hammond left the band and Russell paid more attention to songwriting.

The three band members came up with a demo cassette having only two songs ‘ If You Knew Me’ and ‘ Love and Other Bruises’ . After being disappointed by not getting response from several record producers, the demo tape was taken to the CBS Records who appreciated the unique music they had come up with and signed the contract immediately. They produced another song in one day and unexpectedly it hit the national charts at #1. This was the milestone which brought their talent in front of the world. Soon, the band started to perform at local gatherings until it got a chance to open the concert for Rod Stewart . Getting enormous appreciation, the band started to open for Stewart regularly. This way it got exposed to huge audience and it led to increased popularity and fan base. The path to their career was now clear!

By the end of 1976, Air Supply released a self titled debut album, which charted on the top twenty. Some new band members had joined hands with them as a backing band. The passionate band signed with Arista Records in 1980 and produced some of the fastest selling, chart-topping singles including ‘ Lost in Love’ and ‘ All Out of Love’ . The consecutive top 5 singles, millions of copies and the trademark sounds of Air Supply raised it to the peak of success. Its live shows became widely popular and the demand for the Air Supply tickets seemed to be never ending. It was the first western band to tour Taiwan, China and some other countries. The year 1983 can be marked as the most successful year for Air Supply. The greatest hit album peaked at #1 including the ever green song ‘ Making Love Out Of Nothing At All’ sold more than 7 million copies. Its songs were extensively played on radio. Graham Russell married the leading actress of that time Jodi Varble and gained endless media attention.

Air Supply continued to produce phenomenal music throughout the decade. During the eighties, the band was seen at the top venues and events such as the Princess Diana’s celebration party. Several musicians joined the band during some point of time but the two leading members didn’t give any of them a chance to become the permanent members. The duo still produces music and continues to perform at 150 plus shows every year. As of 2011, the band has released eighteen studio albums and nine compilation albums. The band has performed for charity causes on various occasions and continues to set an example for the upcoming bands. Russell Hitchcock & Graham Russell have released some individual work as well, but their collaborative productions are recognized all over the world. Air Supply is definitely one of the most refined soft rock bands which have immense contributions for the Australian music industry. If you have not been able to listen to great music for some time, then you must not wait anymore; you will be astonished by the live performance by Air Supply. Get the Air Supply Tickets soon and you can enjoy the excellent music live!

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