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Akron Symphony Orchestra is the main gravitational source of artistic excellence that has pulled the better Akron region together and towards a more culturally evolved whole for the almost sixty incredible years. The orchestra is well-established and has gained much national recognition for its dedication to high quality and its rather diverse performances that span across a very broad, versatile range of repertoire of inspirations. At its core, it is committed to providing and alongside improving the creative needs of the Akron community. The orchestra has spun some breathtakingly beautiful musical scores that are truly distinct in their sounds with a seriously fascinating quality of sound and texture. Under musical director Christopher Wilkins the orchestra has grown and developed taking on a more community oriented course, making collaboration with well known conductors of other orchestras and theaters. Among those who are exceedingly fond of high art classical music Akron Symphony Orchestra tickets are a real and rare treat.

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Akron Symphony Orchestra was founded in 1949 as soon as the visionary publisher of the Akron Beacon Journal, handed Mabel Lamborn Graham a sum of five hundred dollars as something of ‘seed money’ with instructions to being gathering money for a serious, professionally outstanding, union orchestra. This was flowed by three long, hardworking years of extensive fund raising that was fueled by the unwavering dedication and laborious efforts by Mrs. Graham and several other noteworthy devoted volunteers who made sure they collected a certain amount that would at least get the orchestra wheels put together and running. Finally, the intense efforts begun to pay off, when Akron Symphony Classic Series was formed in 1952 and considered established in the very first season of the organizations debut in 1952-153.

During this momentous time in the Akron Symphony Orchestra’s early days, the ensemble was mainly focused on spotting the highest caliber of professionally excelling musicians who knew the drill of delivering a high class, convincingly brilliant live concert. As s result many guest conductors and high ranking soloists who could command national or regional stature were invited and welcomed to become part of the endeavor, and to serve as an important ingredient of the orchestra’s characteristically classic series since its very inception. Till this very day this trend of inviting soloist and conductors from abroad has remained an integral part and top priority for the renowned Symphony that is prized for the learning opportunity it provides it artists in the shape of such exchange.

Akron Symphony Orchestra is run under the supervision of the Greater Akron Musical Association known simply as GAMA. Concretely committed to providing and delivering absolutely original, truly artistic, basically innovative and quality establishing kind of choral and symphonic music, the GAMA has stuck to its promise of delivering wonderfully enlightening performances to its fans and the biggest possible number of people living in the greater Akron region. Another important aspect of the orchestra’s mission is to musically educate the Akron masses while creating enthrallingly fascinating shows, which is achieved by the functions performed by the Akron Symphony Orchestra, Akron Symphony Chorus, Akron Youth Orchestras, and many other educational and outreach programs.

Recently, Akron Symphony Orchestra invited Carl Topilow, the Cleveland Pops conductor to perform Holiday Pops in coordination with the orchestra, while also featuring soprano soloist Tina Stump and Leon Bibb. The orchestra has also invited Ben Zander, the maestro of overwhelmingly strong Beethoven performances who has also guest-conducted worldwide, to conduct a group of sixteen protégés in a show that features sublime Beethoven’s fourth concerto. The Symphony has also presented shows of another, more contemporary musical type in which Christopher Wilkins performs alongside Nicole Parker and Alli Mauzey, who starred in Wicked, in a concert session titled Wicked Divas that essentially aims to pay tribute to the female stars of musical films and theatres.

Taste the flavor of high caliber, classic to its core, orchestra music, conducted by the most accomplished, experienced wonder-spinning conductors. Get some Akron Symphony Orchestra tickets and enjoy the thrillingly magnificent music with loved ones.

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