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Not every day you see a band that rises amongst the clutter like a diamond in the rough. With so many underground bands, solo artists and even mainstream entertainers trying to strike gold through hired PR guns and publicist, the true essence of music gets lost sometimes. However, pure music does not need to find its audience; instead, it attracts them from every corner of the world regardless of how far away they are. Pure music strikes the right chord with its listeners and the two lost lovers reunite with a passion that makes even the deepest love envy. One such band that has rekindled the true flame of love and passion with its lovers is the Alabama Shakes. The band is radiating true form of art and music without trying to make a mark – even though they already have. Alabama Shakes tickets will reveal the lost passion between music and its lovers once again.

Every artist does not become an overnight star. Every individual goes through the period of struggle and then moves towards the recognition phase. Same is the case with the Alabama Shakes. A year ago, hardly anyone knew about the band outside its hometown Athens, Alabama. However, with the release of their EP, the band has managed to stir and create a buzz that hired publicists strive for. Those who have listened to their pure soulful music have already fallen in love and cannot seem to get enough of the band. It seems for them, mere listening experiences over the internet is not enough and have started to follow the band to catch them live in action. Some new lovers are expressing their love with a dilemma they face: they are afraid of catching the Alabama Shakes live due to the possibility of their mind’s failure to handle such an out of the world experience. Even critics cannot stop praising the band’s pure intentions and touching music.

Earlier known as only "The Shakes," the band changed the name to Alabama Shakes after discovering that the previous name was unavailable for use. The band started performing in their hometown without any diabolic plans but just out of love for music. With Brittany Howard on the vocals, Steve Johnson on drums, Zac Cockrell on bass guitar and Heath Fogg as the lead guitarist, Seth Riddle, now the General Manager of Serpents & Snakes , discovered the band. Riddle stumbled upon the band when they were playing at a backyard stage of a CD store in their home state. Riddle, taken aback by their music, failed to understand how a band that "strikes that chord with you" could exist without knowing. Until that point, the band did not existed on the internet. They had no music files, website or even a "Facebook" page. However, after the band uploaded their completed first EP consisting of four songs, online, the music spread on famous music blogs and ultimately gained attention of the right audience and music lovers. Soon the band was opening and playing at SoundLand and at CMJ Music Marathon , gaining high accolades for their music.

The band’s hype is not a result of intentional motives and therefore beneath all the hype lies something truly meaningful that is attracting individuals from all walks of life. The young singer Brittany Howard has managed to mesmerize listeners with emotional notes and a soothing style that is hauntingly beautiful. The truly gifted singer can pull people out of their toughened shells. She is delightedly candid, molding her voice to allow any crack in her shield to let her soul shine. With Howard’s voice and Heath Fogg’s grunge guitar playing, the band truly shapes into a magical amalgamation of pure sound. Alabama Shakes truly reminds the listeners of the southern soulful music gems of the sixties with their uplifting heartfelt sound.

The band’s EP includes four songs, "Hold On," "I Found You," "On Your Way," and "You Ain’t Alone." All the numbers are extremely catchy with an uplifting almost holy like spirit. The remarkable sound transcends any barriers between the mind and soul for an out of the world experience. Alabama Shakes tickets is all one needs to experience the unique and pure sound that our ears cry for and our hearts have missed for a long time.

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