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Alabama Symphony Orchestra Austin Hadelich Tickets

Alabama Symphony Orchestra is a Birmingham, Alabama based orchestra. The orchestra dates back to 1921. The foundation of the orchestra was laid when a group of fifty-two musicians gave a volunteer performance on April 29 th 1921 in "Birmingham Music Festival" which was being performed at Old Jefferson Theater. Thus, the basis of ASO lies in volunteering music to the society. But the first official performance by the orchestra was presented after the official formation, under Dorsey Whittington , the director. You can attend the coming show soon, so book your Alabama Symphony Orchestra Austin Hadelich tickets right away.

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Alabama Symphony Orchestra was officially created with the team that included J.J. Steiner as the first president and Whittington as the first director. In the beginning four concerts were planned out costing about $7,000. In the seasons of 1936, ASO had increased to eighty musicians. In the October of 1939, the famous pianist Percy Grainger played with the orchestra charging a fee of $350. People enthusiastically attended all the concerts by ASO in the 1930’s; no doubt the project was a hit right off. Soon Alabama Symphony Orchestra Austin Hadelich show will be arranged in your town!

In 1949, Alabama Symphony Orchestra was introduced to its new conductor Arthur Bennett Lipkin . Lipkin was a professional musician and had already conducted orchestra in Philadelphia’s Main Line and had worked as a president of American Orchestra League. He had also been a violinist for Philadelphia Orchestra. He was brought to Alabama Symphony Orchestra Austin Hadelich on the recommendation of Eugene Ormandy , a professional violinist and conductor. Lipkin presented his debut concert with the ASO on November 1 st , 1949.

The concerts continued throughout late forties and early fifties. On the third concert arranged by Lipkin, the ex-conductor of Alabama Symphony Orchestra performed as well. The fourth concert featured Lipkin’s solo performance. He played Beethoven’s Third Piano Concerto . Orchestra’s relationship with the "Festival of Arts" started in 1951. There was a specific support group named "The Vangaurds" which supported the orchestra and arranged its concerts as well as published its magazines. In 1954 another support group came into existence by the name of "Symphony League".

Alabama Symphony Orchestra’s name was changed to Birmingham Symphony Orchestra in 1956. During the fifties the orchestra grew into many different dimensions. During the same years "Youth Orchestra" was created which featured junior high school students. The youth orchestra was organized under the conductorship of Herbert Levinson . In 1960, the long time conductor Lipkin retired and was replaced Arthur Winograd of Julliard School of Music. He was among the founding members of the Julliard String Quartet.

In 1964, Winograd left and was succeeded by Amerigo Marino , the former composer for CBS Radio and Television Orchestra. He was also Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra’s very first violinist. ASO was presented $600,000 grant by "Ford Foundation" in 1966. The grant was to be paid back within ten years. Volunteers came forward and succeeded in raising the required money in due time. The orchestra merged with "Alabama Pops Orchestra" that same year. APO was then under the conductor Walter Moeck .

Alabama Symphony Orchestra Austin Hadelich changed its name to the current one in 1979. That year many concerts were arranged within Alabama. By 1980, the Alabama Symphony Orchestra was arranging thirty concerts every year. The fiftieth anniversary of the orchestra was celebrated in 1983 during the eighth series concert. A special fund raising concert was arranged by the end of the year which featured the violinist Isaac Stem . Tragically, ASO met serious financial crises and faced bankruptcy in 1993 and was closed down. The sixty-three years of orchestra came down to a sad ending, only to be revived in 1994.

Alabama Symphony Orchestra’s rebirth proved successful in the next four years. Currently the orchestra is under the conductor Elton B. Stephens Chair . The music director is Justin Browne . It currently serves about 100,000 individuals every year through different programs such as educational and youth projects. About 190 concerts are arranged every year featuring about fifty-four musicians. If you want to have a classic evening, grab your share of Alabama Symphony Orchestra Austin Hadelich tickets from us today!

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