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The Alice Cooper Marilyn Manson concert is one of the most anticipated today in American rock music for it features two of the greatest names in rock music, each synonymous with American rock music and each a household name amongst fans of rock and roll. Each of these is known for a marvelous solo and band career, having fronted some of the best known rock bands. Alone, they draw crowds. Together, their concert is bound to be sold out in Alice Cooper Marilyn Manson tickets rapidly.

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Alice Cooper is an American rock artist, a singer, songwriter and DJ as well as the frontman of a band of the same name, Alice Cooper.  From Detroit, Michigan, he has been creating some of the most smashing rock and hard rock music since 1963. As a musician, he plays the harmonica and guitar with his music released by such record labels as Straight Records, Warner Bros Rcords, Epic Records, Atlantic MCA, Eagle, Spitfire and New West. With a career in rock music that is over fifty years, he is a living legend in rock music and is known for concerts that often make use stage shows, theatricality and props, dubbed the Godfather of Shock Rock. He also often draws from elements of horror movies, garage rock and vaudeville to create a style that is his own and a form of rock that has gathered millions to his side.
As one of the two artists at the Alice Cooper Marilyn Manson concert, he was active in the sixties as a member of a band of the same name, alongside lead guitarist Glen Buxton, bassist Dennis Dunaway, rhythm guitarist Michael Bruce and drummer Neal Smith. The band rose to fame in 1971 with the hit album Love It to Death and the hit single, I’m Eighteen. In 1972, the band released an even more famous song, School’s Out, followed by a highly acclaimed critically and very successful commercially album, titled Billion Dollar Babies.
In 1975, he started a solo career with the same name and released his first album, titled Welcome to My Nightmares. He has since then gone on to released nineteen albums solo, of which the nineteenth was released in 2011 and titled Welcome 2 My Nightmare. It also marked the twenty sixth album he has recorded, with the rest being as part of a band and in collaboration with other artists. He has been dubbed the beloved heavy metal entertainer by the Rolling Stone magazine’s Album Guide and is known as one of the artists who shaped heavy metal as a genre of music.
Outside of music, he is also an actor who has acted in a number of movies, the owner of a number of restaurants and a popular radio DJ since 2004 via his show, Nights with Alice Cooper. In 2011, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with other members of the Alice Cooper band. Marilyn Manson is an American rock musician from Canton, Ohio who has been active in the world of music since 1989 and has released music that is often described as industrial rock and metal. He is a singer, songwriter and musician who plays the guitar, keyboards, bass, drums, harpsichord, flute, drum, mellotron and pan flute. As one of the two artists performing at the Alice Cooper Marilyn Manson concert, he is best known as the frontman of a band of the same name, the Marilyn Manson band and has been associated with such artists as Ozzy Osbourne, Mrs. Scabtree, Nine Inch Nails and Jack Off Jill.
He is ranked as one of the Top 100 Heavy Metal Vocalists by magazine, Hit Parader, and has released three platinum certified albums and three gold certified albums. Seven of their albums have ranked in the top ten of the charts, of which two have ranked number one. He has also worked with other bands, included produced Jack Off Jill’s music, played for DMX, featured on Godhead’s album and appeared on a song by Skylar Grey. He is the recipient of four Grammy Award nominations, one MTV Video Music Award from five nominations and four MTV Edge Readers’ Choice Awards. With Alice Cooper, he is an artist to see live on stage playing some of the most incredible heavy metal via Alice Cooper Marilyn Manson tickets.

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