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American Mavericks sets the highest standards of excellence in music. The groundbreaking radio series started in the year 2003. It is basically a combined production of the American Public Media and San Francisco Symphony which proved very successful as there is no other series or showoff such a kind. The contributions of the music director Michael Tilson Thomas, William and Flora Hewlett Foundation must not be ignored. The American Mavericks mainly features the brilliant composers who have been the pioneers of the American music genres and have become the fathers of the music industry. Examples of such great contributors include Charles Ives, Harry Partch, Henry Brant, Steve Reich and Laurie Anderson among others. American Mavericks tickets are bought by the music fans who want to give tribute to the music legends and who want to meet them live.

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American Mavericks, thethirteen week series deeply looks into the lives of the composers and directors of music. Their interviews and discussions with Michael Tilson Thomas, the music director of the San Francisco Symphony can be heard on the official website as well. The music fans can even share their creativity in the music compositions through this program. The famous music artist Suzanne Vega is the host to this entertaining event which gathers various top-of-the-line artists and composers. Vega’s contributions towards the pop-folk music are also remarkable and she plays her role in hosting the American Mavericks since many years. This unique series began operating in the American Public Media in 2001. The producer of the event Tom Voegeli carefully recruited the team to make it one of the best shows of its kind.

The universally acclaimed show American Mavericks couldn’t have become such a huge success without the contributions of the team including the writer Kyle Gann who has served the contemporary American Music as a commentator for a long time. Michael Tilson gets the credit for the American Mavericks concert series. However, dozens of composers who are called the ‘Mavericks’ of the show have played a significant role in making it a success story. John Adams, one of the most prestigious music composers of the world, was the first composer-in-residence of the San Francisco Residence who joined it in 1982. Mason Bates is this year’s guest composer and is known for his authenticity in music compositions. He is a prominent pop and classical music singer who has specialized in composition and comes up with the distinctive music which separates him from other co-workers.

Other prominent figures include John Cage, the 100 year old pianist who has dedicated more than half of his life for music and art. When great people like Morton Feldman, Lukas Foss, Meredith Mock and Charles Ives contribute in this show, it is bound to be a success. The concert series and festival takes place on regular basis and gathers the audience from all over the country every year. The year 2012 is going to entertain the music lovers in March. It has already gathered a lot of media attention and critics’ insights. Taking place at the Carnegie Hall, New York, the fans are anxiously waiting for the event. The opening concert takes place with MTT in the beginning of March.

American Mavericks is one of the most distinctive music events which will introduce you to the pioneers of music. Most of the fans are very anxious to meet the legends who have developed the American music over time, and this special event gives them an opportunity to meet them live and get delighted. The American Mavericks tickets are selling hot like always; and we recommend you all to grab your tickets earliest. You shouldn’t miss out any chance to attend this amazing event live.

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