American Symphony Orchestra 50Th Birthday Celebration

American Symphony Orchestra 50Th Birthday Celebration Tickets

American Symphony Orchestra is an award winning orchestra that is based in the city of New York. American Symphony Orchestra has long been known for its memorable live concerts and its lineup of highly proficient musicians and conductors. This year will mark the American Symphony Orchestra 50th Birthday Celebration. For almost five decades now, ASO has been entertaining the fans of classical music all over the country. Their concerts are attended by thousands of patrons every year. American Symphony Orchestra is known for bringing a fresh perspective to the concept of orchestras and the fans should be expecting even more this season with the American Symphony Orchestra 50th Birthday Celebration.

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The orchestra came into being back in 1962 under the leadership of one of the most prolific conductors, Leopold Stokowski. The orchestra was founded with an aim of bringing the orchestral music to the likes of everyone not just a certain group of people. To date, orchestra keeps on following its mission even years after its creation. ASO intends to make orchestral music affordable for everyone as well which is where the American Symphony Orchestra 50th Birthday Celebration tickets will come into play.
The ASO grew greatly under the leadership of Leon Botstein as its music director. During his tenure, the orchestra brought up a new concept of using themes from various forms of visual arts, history, politics and literature in the orchestral pieces. Apart from that, ASO is also known for performing revival productions of numerous historic master pieces that have washed away with time. ASO performs its Vanguard Series at the Carnegie Hall while it performs its well famed concert series called Classics Declassified at none other than Peter Norton Symphony Space.
In addition to all that, ASO also performs as the resident orchestra for Bard College’s Performing Arts at the Richard B. Fisher Center. The orchestra also annually performs at the Bard Music Festival as well as the Summer Scope Festival. The symphony orchestra also became a resident orchestra at the Collegiate Chorale back in 2010. ASO has been performing at the Collegiate Chorale annually during their Concert Series ever since. Other than United States, ASO has also ventured and performed live in Europe and Asia. American Symphony Orchestra also runs, Music Notes, its highly acclaimed music education program. Over the years, ASO has also released several of its recorded material on various record labels. Apart from that, the recordings of their live performances have also been made available for downloads.
Almost five decades back, when ASO was founded by Stokowski, the main purpose was to keep the classical music alive in the present day world and the years to come by showcasing the live performances featuring talented American musicians. ASO intends to keep the audience members coming to the venue to enjoy an evening in the company of some good classical music. And as a result of it all, Classical music would remain intact as one of the crucial forms of performing arts.
With its thematic concert series, American Symphony Orchestra has been able to attract the attention of a large number of classical music listeners to those masterpieces that have been overshadowed over the past few years. ASO’s thematic series has earned the appreciation of not just the fans, but the critics as well. By performing those under-performed works of music, ASO gives out an open invitation for any other orchestras around the globe to perform that work as well, hence keeping the classical music alive.
This season marks the Golden Jubilee of American Symphony Orchestra. It celebrates American Symphony Orchestra 50th Birthday Celebration with a concert that would be featuring greatest hits by ASO. So witness this classical music extravaganza with American Symphony Orchestra 50th Birthday Celebration tickets

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