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A musician par excellence, Andrew Bird is known to create magic with his fingers and his voice. He is essentially a multi-instrumentalist and a folk singer. His music soothes the soul and brings peace to one’s heart. His concerts are equally amazing, which is why going once to an A. Bird concert is never enough. Purchase Andrew Bird tickets and have the time of your life this season!

Andrew Bird started learning music when he was only four years old. He was a student of the Suzuki method of music education. He went on to obtain his bachelors degree in violin playing in the year 1996 from the Northwestern University. Right after his graduation, that very same year he released his first album himself. The album was called Music of Hair. It presented his violin playing abilities. The music spanned over folk, blues and jazz and showcased his fascination with the folk traditions of both the USA and Europe. He then collaborated with the band called ‘Squirrel Nut Zippers’ on three albums: Hot, Perennial Favorites and Sold Out. In 1996, he came up with his own band and named it ‘Bowl of Fire’. He released three albums under the banner of this band which were ‘Thrills’ in 1998, ‘Oh! The Grandeur’ in 1999 and ‘The Swimming Hour’ in 2001. The latter album was such an eclectic mix of genres that it was given the name of his "jukebox album". However, the band failed to attain commercial success. In the year 2002, Bird had to perform at a concert alone since his group members were not available on the given date. The gig went so well that it paved the way for his future career direction. The band officially broke up in 2003 and Bird embarked on his solo career.
Andrew Bird reinvented himself in the coming years. His first commercially released solo album called ‘Weather System’ was released in 2003 by the Righteous Babe Records. His second album was released two years later. It was titled ‘The Mysterious Production of Eggs’. It showed Bird’s inclination towards indie-folk music. Both the albums showed a major deviation from his usual style. In these two he used other instruments like glockenspiel, guitar, and whistling besides violin. He released an EP called Fingerlings 2 in the year 2004. It consisted of his old tracks as well as live performances of different shows. It brought him the recognition he deserved. Mojo declared the EP the album of the month.  
In 2006, Fat Possum Records signed on Andrew Bird. His first album with them, ‘Armchair Apocrypha’ became a smashing hit. It sold more than a million copies despite being leaked to the internet more than a month prior to its release. Some of the popular songs of the album include "Simple X" and "Imitosis". The success of the album was followed by several appearances on national television. His next album called Noble Beast was another hit. It clinched the top spot of the US Billboard Independent Album and peaked at number twelve on US Billboard 200. His most recent release is the album titled ‘Break It Yourself’. It was released in March 2012 and shows signs of being a huge success because it is already at number ten on the US charts and number forty-six on the Canadian charts. Andrew Bird will be promoting songs from this album in his up and coming concerts on his tour of the United States.
What makes his concerts so special is that he always adds something new to every song in his live performances. His ability to rework his songs during live concerts and his improvisation skills are the reason that his compilation CDs are so popular among the audiences. You may think you have listened to all his songs, but when you attend his concert, it is like listening to same thing but in an entirely new light. So concerts of Andrew Bird are not to be missed at all! Get hold of the Andrew Bird tickets now before they are sold out!

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