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Animal Collective also known as AC or AnCo is an experimental psychedelic band that has been making some great music for the past fourteen years. Their music approach is said to be fresh, unique and very energetic. They’ve been working actively for quite some time now. Their music is popular especially in major clubs and bars across the world. If you wish to see them perform live, now is your chance to get the best Animal Collective tickets.

Animal Collective was formed by a group of childhood friends. Musician Brian Weitz and David Portner began playing music at the age of fifteen. Some of their early influences include The Curve and Pavement. In high school, they met another music lover, Josh Dibb and soon they formed a band called Automine. Later on, Noah Lennox was also recruited in the team and four of them began to make music on a professional level. A fusion of many genres like electronica, freak folk, neo-psychedelia, art rock, avant-garde and indie rock can be heard in their compositions.  According to the band, "they don’t do what’s going on out there, they create what they want people to listen to." That is what has earned them a great deal of fan following from around the world. Animal Collective has also been compared with many other bands like Can and Silver Apples.  Today, the group has sold millions of records and appeared in many major music festivals, television shows and concert tours around the world. Missing out their upcoming live concert is not the smartest thing to do.

With their self-released debut album, Spirit They’re Gone, Spirit They’ve Vanished, Animal Collective caught the attention of many critics and music listeners nationwide. Well-known rating organizations like Pitchfork Media, Allmusic, Tiny Mix Tapes and PopMatters wrote positive reviews about the album. Several critics loved the fact that a variety of instruments have been used in most of the songs. Following the debut record, Animal Collective released a series of studio albums and the sixth one titled, Feels ended up in Pitchfork’s list of Media’s top 200 Albums of the 2000s.  The album was very well received by Stylus Magazine, PopMatters, Rolling Stone, The Guardian, Q and Pitchfork Media. Some praised the lyrics, some fell in love with the instrumentations and others just admired the overall music approach. No wonder almost each of these well-known magazines and internet publications gave Feel four out of five stars. Songs like "The Purple Bottle" and "Grass" turned out to be the most prominent ones.

In 2012, Animal Collective came up with their most recent album titled, Centipede Hz. The record produced two smashing hits "Applesauce" and "Today’s Supernatural."  It also took a prominent spot on the US Billboard 200 and performed well in countries like UK, Norway, Sweden, Australia, France and Belgium.  You are lucky to be seeing Animal Collective perform live right here in your country.  

In the past fourteen years, the band has been performing live at many major venues, platforms and TV shows like the Coachella Music Festival, Soloman R. Guggenheim Museum, Late Show with David Letterman, ATP New York Festival, Seaport Music Festival, Late Night with Conan O’Brien and the Reading and Leeds Festival. Animal Collective has also shared the stage with fellow musicians like Terrestrial Tones, Vashti Banyan, Panda Bear and Avey Tare & Kria Brekkan.

 In the upcoming concert all you fun seekers will be getting to enjoy their amazing hits like "Peacebone," "Summertime Clothes," "Honeycomb" and so on.  All those who have previously seen Animal Collective are once again more than welcomed and those who haven’t, get ready to dance! These talented musicians are all about energy, charisma and non-stop entertainment. Animal Collective has got more than enough to satisfy your palate. Get your Animal Collective tickets as soon as you can. 

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