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FX Network’s famous animated television series Archer has won over audiences with its hilarious adult comedy. Distinctions of the show include earning a coveted Emmy Awards nomination. The espionage themed show has won Comedy Awards in the ‘Best Animated Comedy Series’ category. Other awards won by the production include the Critics' Choice Television Award and NewNowNext Award.

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Since it’s preview broadcast in late 2009 the series has been rapidly gaining popularity.  A year later the show started it’s first season. Since then Archer has won over a large fan base with its comical anachronism. The popularity of the show has seen it extended to many seasons.Archer has also been aired in Germany. Owing to the vast popularity of the show it has been adapted for a stage performance. The show will include readings of a selection of scenes from the series. To further enhance the experience visual aids from the television series will also be incorporated in the stage performance. Get Archer Live tickets to experience the stage version of the hit series. Given the popularity and comical appeal of the animation the show is sure to be entertaining.
The show will feature the creator of the series and also a selection of the stars who have given voice for the characters. Archer Live provides the chance to get to know more about the cast and production team. Also included is a question and answer session with a panel of team behind the series. See all this and more at the event.
The television series has been created by Adam Reed. The show is set in the sixties era New York. Most of the styling and costumes are in keeping with the period. At the same time some of the technology and gadgets used are more contemporary. Within the series dated computers are used yet laser devices, cell phones and GPS equipment from modern times are also present.  
The storyline of the series is derived from modern times and contemporary topics are also mixed with the sixties era. There are sexual harassment incidents and references are also made to affirmative action. This combination of new and old works very well in further making the show comical. Plot of the production revolves around the employees of a spy organization International Secret Intelligence Service (ISIS). Central to the show is the character of Archer who works under the spy name Duchess. He is portrayed as a self involved character. ISIS is headed by his alcoholic mother Malory Archer. She is more interested in using the resources of the company for her advantage.
Adding to the comical effect of the show is a selection of other characters. To name a few these include Archer’s ex girlfriend Lana Kane, Malory’s Secretary Cheryl Tunt, pot smoking Pam Poovey and gay intelligence analyst Ray Gillette. All the characters are very well crafted and keep the audiences interested with their antics which are a mixture of stupidity and humor.
The television series has earned the reputation for being funny and has won over a large number of audiences. Archer Live is sure to be a treat for diehard fans and anyone looking for a hilarious comedy show. Archer television series has received rave reviews. The New York Daily has reviewed the television series as "Archer is the rare show that's in love with its own wordplay and good enough that this love becomes endearing rather than annoying." Given the combination of great reviews and popularity among audiences, Archer Live sure looks to be quality entertainment. Be part of the performance to get to know more about the show and it’s cast.
Get Archer Live tickets to see the adaptation of the series. Aimed at adult audiences the show carries frequent sexual references and also drugs are mentioned recurrently. Due to adult content the show is not suitable for anyone under the age of seventeen.

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