Austin City Limits Festival 3 Day Pass Tickets

For those who love music and entertainment, the Austin City Limits Festival 3 Day Pass Tickets guarantee three days of satisfaction. The Austin City Limits Festival is a highlight on the American calendar and draws large crowds every year. The event this year promises all the excitement from previous events and many additional features to look forward to. Given the extent of the performances, it is no surprise that over 70,000 people attend the Austin City Limits Festival. Many people are keen to get their hands on an

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Austin City Limits Festival 3 Day Pass.

The Austin City Limits Festival, or ACL Festival for short, takes place every year. It is held in the city of Austin in Texas in the central public park known as Zilker Park. The Austin City Limits Festival 3 Day Pass allows you to attend all the major acts associated with the event. The Austin City Limits Festival is characterized by the presence of eight separate stages. This allows performances related to all kinds of music including rock, indie, electronic, folk and several surprises and special performances.

The year 2011 is particularly special for the Austin City Limits Festival since it is celebrating its 10 th anniversary. Historically, the performers at the Austin City Limits Festival have tended to be people from within the Texas area, but gradually the festival has managed to bring in recognized performers from beyond the immediate area. This has led to its growing popularity across the country and that is why the Austin City Limits Festival 3 Day Pass Tickets have grown even more valuable in the market.

This is the tenth anniversary of the event and thus the line-up of performers is better than ever. While the show itself will not take place before September, the official line-up was announced as early as May. Each of the three days has different performers. As such, by getting the Austin City Limits Festival 3 Day Pass, you ensure that you can watch all of the different performers in action. Highlights on the first day include singers like Kanye West, Coldplay and James Blake. The second day includes performers like Stevie Wonder. The final Sunday includes artists like Arcade Fire. The Austin City Limits Festival 3 Day Pass Tickets in 2011 will give you access to all these people and more.

Getting the Austin City Limits Festival 3 Day Pass is not easy. The primary market and ticket providers generally run out very quickly since some people are able to reserve tickets well in advance. Some tickets to the Austin City Limits Festival 3 Day Pass will be reserved by large corporations that tend to have the resources to reserve such benefits for their employees.

If you have arrived on this page, changes are that you are still seeking out Austin City Limits Festival 3 Day Pass. You may have looked around at quite a few sites selling Austin City limits Festival 3 Day Pass in the secondary markets. Such sites probably offer the tickets at very high prices. But you will find after the comparison that this particular website is able to offer you the Austin City Limits Festival 3 Day Pass at the most competitive prices around. Rather than squander our resources on mass marketing, we prefer to pass on price savings to our loyal customers. That is why you are able to get the Austin City Limits Festival 3 Day Pass from us at these excellent rates.

We offer a very secure and reliable mode of handling your transaction and providing you with the tickets you ordered. You can thus relax knowing that you will get your Austin City Limits Festival 3 Day Pass Ticket well in time for the event. With your Austin City Limits Festival 3 Day Pass, you are guaranteed to be able to attend different performances as you please. This means that you will get exposure to dozens of different genres of music served up by some of the most skilled practitioners across the country. The Austin City Limits Festival is the kind of event that you will have few chances to attend so make sure you try to get the Austin City Limits Festival 3 Day Pass tickets.

This spectacular festival is occurring with full aplomb and festivities in none other than the jewel of Texas, Austin home to numerous other festivals. This festival is based on the legendary TV series of the same name that has been immensely popular in Texas and is thus a tribute to this series. It is a three day event, a music festival in the unique hit American style whose venue is none other than the famous Zilker Park. It will feature more than a century of acts, one hundred and thirty of them, all at one festival with other exhibits on food and art that will please the fans endlessly. The acts themselves hail from each and every genre; you’ll find band playing rock music, country music, indie, fold music and electronic music. There will be around eight stages and around seventy thousand people will attend the festival daily.Austin City Limits, the festival, is based on the TV series which is a very popular concert series that ran and still runs on the PBS TV channel. It basically focused on the many singers and songwriters as well as other musicians, artists, instrumentalists and performers present in Texas. Nowadays, Austin City Limits series is much like the Austin City Limits festival since it has a lineup like a festival and has artists from every genre performing here. Artists from rhythm and blues perform alongside those from rock, jazz and even alternative music. The biggest names in the world of music have appeared at least once on this TV series with several legends as well.Zilker Park, a mammoth of a public park, will host this incredible rocking music festival. Sprawling all of 46 acres, Austin City Limits festival will have stages with musicians playing on them and various other attractions. Starting with food stalls for the hungry fans after an hour of screaming, singing and even headbanging, fans will also be able to buy various souvenirs or other wares from the numerous stalls. Children will not be left out; a number of special attractions have been set about for them. Lastly, and perhaps most important of all, Austin City Limits will be a green festival in which the participants will be encourage to behave in an environment friendly way so as to not spoil the lush, green space that is the Zilker Park.Some of the attractions will include the SoCo Art Market displaying numerous items from local mercharts and artists, a special kids attraction where children can have a punk hair-do, sing hip-hop rhymes or even jam with their parents. In fact, all children under ten will be allowed free entry into the festival if accompanied by an adult. Zilker Park itself has a number of attractions such as Rock Island Hideaway, Waterloo Records Tent and ACL Cares. Thus, three days of fun, all yours for a small price that is Austin City Limits tickets.But what about the artists and the bands? The headliners for the Austin City Limits music festival are; Kanye West, Coldplay, Stevie Wonder, Arcade Fire, My Morning Jacket, Alison Krauss & Union Station, Manu Chao La Ventura, Fleet Foxes, Nas & Damian "Jr Gong" Marley, Bright Eyes, Cee Lo, Social Distortion, Cut Copy, and Empire Of The Sun. These acts make up some of the biggest names in a number of genres in today’s music. Kanye West, an American rapper, singer and even producer is one of the best known names in rap, R&B and pop with his unique songs that are a blend of the old and new. Kanye West usually mixes up music from a number of genres; everything from rock to classical music. He has released five albums to date, each of which has gone platinum and received a number of awards. In fact, he is the most award rapper in the history of Grammy Awards after having bagged an enormous fourteen Grammy Awards!The best part? Kanye West will be gracing Austin City Limits as one of its headliner giving you a chance to listen to this legend play his pleasant music up close. How? Just grab Austin City Limits tickets and be on your way to see the best selling male digital artist of all time. And it isn’t just Kanye West, Stevie Wonder will also be there at the Austin City Limits festival. This incredible genius of an artist is ranked fifth on Billboard Hot 100’s All Time Top Artists and has bagged even more Grammy Awards than Kanye West; twenty two Grammy Awards. He has had thirty of his singles as top ten hits in the US charts. To add to it, the legendary alternative rock band, Coldplay, will also be gracing this venue. This is a band that lies right next to Radiohead and U2 with over fifty million records sold worldwide. Thus, Austin City Limits tickets will let you see Kanye West, Stevie Wonder and Coldplay all play delicious music live for a chance that comes only once in a lifetime.

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