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Every now and then, a band comes through to the mainstream that changes the way music is listened to and impacts a whole generation. One such band that made it to the top and is still the best band to have ever existed in the hearts of many people is Pink Floyd. Sadly, the band has now broken up and the only way fans can still listen to their favorite bans is through cover bands like Australian Pink Floyd. Cover bands are bands that have kept legendary bands like Pink Floyd alive still. These bands dress up like these legends and each member of the band plays the role of someone in the original band. They perform the original band’s songs and put up shows just like the original band.

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Australian Pink Floyd takes the concept of a cover band to the next level. They are easily the most well known and most successful cover band. Cover bands are usually well known and popular in their own cities and areas but this band is an international sensation. They are the only band to have actually played for members of the original band when they played at the birthday of Pink Floyd guitarist. The band actually came together in 1988 when the members got together and decided to perform songs by their favorite band.

They received great popularity in their native country due to their uncanny covers of Pink Floyd songs and were quickly being invited to perform at a Pink Floyd tribute concert in England. Once the band made its way to England, there was simply no stopping them. They were soon performing at festivals all over the world including the much coveted Glastonbury Festival in England. The world could just not get enough of them and the Australian Pink Floyd Show quickly became the central attraction for large music festivals all over the country. The band toured the whole of Europe and finally made their way to the US where they enjoyed as much popularity as they could. Their shows are praised to this day for bringing the standards of the original Pink Floyd into this new age.

The Australian Pink Floyd Show is not just a bunch of guys standing on stage with instruments and performing shows by the band. They actually make it a whole show. If you’ve ever been to an original Pink Floyd show, you will know that the performances are full of bright lights, lasers, smoke and massive screens. The Australian Pink Floyd Show doesn’t lose any of that. This show is just as grand as any show ever put on by the real Pink Floyd. The shows feature large LCD screens that show graphics and add to the visual element of the show. The many laser lights just make the whole thing a visual spectacle. The colorful lighting and smoke all around the stage along with the blaring music of the Australian Pink Floyd Show really make it a show that will take you back to the years of Pink Floyd’s prime as they were rocking stages all over the world.

Whether you are a fan of the original Pink Floyd and want to catch a bit of the magic that they left off, or just want to enjoy a wonderful night out partying with your friends to the music of these music legends, you need to make sure you get your Australian Pink Floyd Show tickets soon. The band is known to tour the world 365 days a year so they will only be making a few stops in each country. If they’re coming to a town near you, make sure you get your Australian Pink Floyd Show tickets way before hand and are there to enjoy this musical extravaganza!
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