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Christmas celebrations couldn’t get any better than the performance of B96 Jingle Bash Enrique Iglesias, Selena Gomez & LMFAO. This year B96 Jingle brings the best from the pop music genre to you at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, IL. The performance of B96 Jingle Bash Enrique Iglesias, Selena Gomez & LMFAO is scheduled to be held on December 17, 2011, so be there to experience it live.

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Selena Gomez is another famed name out of the pop music scene of our times. Gomez initially started her showbiz career as an actress, as she starred as Alex Russo in hit Disney TV Show called Wizard of Waverly Place. She later starred in a number of movies as well to further excel as an actress. Gomez later crossed over to the music industry and debuted as a lead singer of a group called Selena Gomez & the Scene. As the lead singer and founder of her group, Gomez has released a total of two studio albums titled Kiss & Tell and A Year Without Rain. Both of these albums enjoyed fair amount of commercial success due to which both of the albums went on to receive certified Gold Status. To date, Gomez has sold well over 1,354,000 albums in United States only. All the fans of Gomez’s music are in for a treat this holiday season as Gomez performs at the B96 Jingle Bash Enrique Iglesias, Selena Gomez & LMFAO concert.

Just to add a bit more electro feel to the event, LMFAO will be bringing their heart throbbing and energizing hits to the Allstate Arena as well. LMFAO comprises of the duo of Skyler Husten Gordy or SkyBlu, and Stefan Kendal Gordy or Redfoo. Calling their music ‘Party Rock music’, LMFAO came into existence back in 2006. Although the group enjoyed fair amount of success in all parts of the country, but their international fame came to them in 2010 when they featured in a single titled Gettin’ Over You , by David Guetta. The single went on to become a huge international hit, which in result helped the group to attract listeners from different parts of the world. So far, the group has released only two studio albums with third one in the pipeline. For all those of you who just can’t get enough of LMFAO’s party rocking, then make sure you attend B96 Jingle Bash Enrique Iglesias, Selena Gomez & LMFAO concert this December.

With our B96 Jingle Bash Enrique Iglesias, Selena Gomez & LMFAO tickets we ensure that you’ll get the best of the musical entertainment that you could be asking for around the holiday season. So get ready to party with your B96 Jingle Bash Enrique Iglesias, Selena Gomez & LMFAO Tickets.

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