Back To Bass Tour Sting Tickets

The much anticipated Back to Bass Tour by music sensation Sting is round the corner and this is your golden opportunity to catch the multi-Grammy winner do his thing in your hometown. You will be entertained to the limits as the music icon from England will be singing all of his most cherished tracks from the "The Police" and his equally successful solo career. The 60 year old legend is a thoroughly accomplished artist and his legacy is his music, his raspy voice and the electrifying gigs that he has had for over 40 years now, and counting. The Back to Bass Tour Sting tickets are available now so get yours and enjoy an evening with one of the most sensual voices in mainstream music.

Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner, commonly known as Sting is an English celebrity. He is most commonly acclaimed for being an accomplished musician, singer/songwriter, actor, philanthropist and activist. Sting has had a career that many artists in the mainstream music industry dream to have, making him a household name all over the world. Prior to embarking on a voyage as a solo artist, he was the chief songwriter, bassist and the lead singer of the rock sensation of 80s "The Police", with which he had immense success. It is this band that popularized his distinctive vocals, which were extremely high pitch, but never trembling. It is his strong vocals and catchy tunes that had to play a pivotal role to the fame that the band achieved in the previous century. His masterpieces with the boys included the supreme " Roxanne ", the catchy " Message in a Bottle " and the cheesy " Every Breath You Take ". These tracks were definite crowd pleasers and featured a more chilled out, casual, from the heart feel to rock. There were also notable inspirations from reggae gurus such as Bob Marlow in all of these songs, more prominently in the guitar compositions.

Sting won a staggering six Grammys with The Police as well as two BRIT Awards (Britain’s premium music award). The band was also inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2003, noting the unsurpassable achievements of the boys. The band disbanded in 1986 for the first time, reunited again in 2007, only to disband again in September 2008. However, Sting has been coming up with solo work since as early as 1981, performing at live events and gigs alone. His first solo album came out in 1985, titled The Dream of the Blue Turtles . The album featured hits like " If You Love Somebody , Set Them Free" , " Love is the Seventh Wave " and " Children’s Crusade ". One of the most popular tracks out of the album, " Russians ", highlighted the anxieties of Cold War. The album reached number 3 in the United States and number 2 in the United Kingdom. It was also certified 3x Platinum by the RIAA. And that was just the beginning to what would be a career much envied by rival artists.

…Nothing Like the Sun was the second coming and an even bigger success in his home country. It won him his first BRIT and featured tracks such as " Be Still My Beating Heart " and " Fragile ". The album went 2x Platinum on RIAA and Platinum on BPI. His third album The Soul Cages, also topped the UK top 100 charts, " All this Time " being the most successful single out of the album. 1993 saw the arrival of his fourth album titled Ten Summoner’s Tales and featured is one of the most cherished songs ever, " Fields of Gold". The album went 3x Platinum on RIAA and was given 4.5 stars out of 5.0 on Allmusic. " I Hung My Head " was his premier song out of the 1996 album titled Mercury Falling . With the 1999 album Brand New Day , Sting embarked on a bigger project, transforming his voice towards a more global perspective, singing for peace and harmony in the world. His massive hit " Desert Rose" featured the Algerian pop icon Cheb Mami took the world of music by storm and was featured in almost everything imaginable. Scores of covers and remixes also came out. It was the biggest hit just before the new millennium. The album sold over a whopping 3,000,000 copies worldwide and also won him a Grammy.

10 albums later and with 11 Grammys and 25 American Music Awards, Sting is on his Back to Bass Tour throughout the United States. There is every reason for you to not miss the event as he comes to your hometown. Get the Back to Bass Tour Sting tickets today!

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