Bassnectar 2 Day Pass Tickets

Bassnectar, one of the most famous electronic music artists in the world is about to headline another series of epic concerts. This remarkable talent has been on the music landscape for just over a decade and during that time he has climbed the ladder to join the company of the biggest names in the business. Book your Bassnectar 2 day pass and catch this magnificent talent live in concert.

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Bassnectar’s real name is Lorin Ashton. He first got hooked to music when he was only fourteen years old. Ashton used to listen to a lot of Metallica and Nirvana music and those two group’s are what made him fall in love with the art. So it was only natural that he ventured into the world of bass and death metal which is exactly what he did for the next four years. He went on to become a part of quite a few groups during that time in order to get firsthand onstage experience. A lot of what he was doing back then was related to the underground music scene but the experience he got was invaluable. Those stints gave him an insight into what it takes to perform in front of a live audience.
Ashton was eighteen years old when he attended a dance party. He was instantly taken aback by the energy and the dance music that was being played there. That experience made up his mind about taking electro music up as a profession. He then went on to contact different promoters and was soon organizing his own parties.
He then made the move to Santa Cruz in the year 1996 for his college. Bassnectar had already started working as a DJ before he began his college. It was in the year 2000 that he met Perry Farrell for the first time. Farrell was so impressed by the talents of the young Ashton that he asked him to take over the production duties for an album Farrell had been working on. That allowed him to get in tune with the underground music landscape so prevailing in San Francisco.
The timing couldn’t have been more perfect because electronic music soon started to make a lot of noises both nationally as well as globally. Ashton didn’t really start to perform right from the very beginning. He began his career behind the scenes as a producer. He was just so into creating music. His became a DJ by a bit of a chance. Ashton was invited to a dance party at a friend’s place. It was at that party that he put those headphones on for the first time and started to play music. Since he was fond of drumming, it didn’t take him too long to get in the groove.
Bassnectar had a specific idea of how he wanted his music to be and djing is what gave him the stage to come out with the kind of sound he had always wanted to be his hallmark.  In between all that and the constant performing, Bassnectar has also found the time to release multiple studio albums as well.
His first album was titled "Freakbeat for the Beatfreaks" and it came out in the year 2001. The follow up was titled "Beatfreak Bohemia" and it was released in 2002.  Epics like "Motions of Mutation," "Diverse Systems of Throb," "Mesmerizing the Ultra," "Divergent Spectrum" and "Vava Voom" followed to take his music to the masses.
Bassnectar has been a huge hit among dance and electro-music fans. He has come out with some of the fastest, most amazing tracks over the past few years to rank among the most famous DJ’s in the world today. He is now on tour once again so this is your chance to buy Bassnectar tickets and be a part of what will be a very special dance party.

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