Bassnectar's Bass Island Tickets

If you are thinking of the perfect night out, a live concert is usually at the top of most people’s lists. People who are music fans tend to attend a concert where the focus of the whole night is the singer or band and their performance is what everyone is there for. While these concerts are great for people who are really into music and want to be singing along to their favorite songs, they are not usually the best places to party. If you are looking to go to a concert that is more like a party with thousands of people dancing around to the beats, then Bassnectar is what you are looking for.

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Bassnectar is not just a musician. This one man band is a composer, singer, instrumentalist and DJ, all packed into one. His music really is just music. He has released over a dozen albums to date and all of them focus on hardcore party music. He uses samples of classic songs or vocals from the most contemporary artists set on some of the funkiest bass lines to create a blend of music that will have you dancing, wherever you are. Bassnectar is known for his many club hits and tracks that are played in clubs and discos all over the world. His music is an expression of his vast talents with many types of instruments. While the music is generally classified as dance or electro music, it really is an amalgamation of many genres and instrument types. A Bassnectar album is always full of surprises and no two songs ever sound the same. Every song uses a sample from a different era or artist and throws it into a pot with eclectic rock guitar licks, groovy bass lines and heart thumping dance beats. While one song might make your throw your hands up and dance, the next would make you jump up and down with joy.

Not many artists or DJs that release albums of just instrumentals and music beats get as popular as Bassnectar has become. His many collaborations with some of the world’s leading music artists has led to a number of high charting singles. The genre that he works with is called Dubstep and originated in England. This underground form of music is also called grime and basically mixes many forms of popular music like vocals or guitar riffs with broken up beats that change tempt throughout the songs.

A Bassnectar show is like no concert in the world. It is more of a big party with thousands of people moving to the music. The artist pays great attention to the spectacle of the show. The shows not just showcase the music of Bassnectar but also provide a full visual show to all the attendees. They feature the use of lasers and lights to create some of the best visual presentation you will ever see at a live concert. The lasers move in sync with the music, images are projected onto the crowds and lights are shot up into the sky, creating a visual treat for anyone who is lucky enough to be there.

The Bass Island Festival is one of the rare chances for fun lovers to catch a Bassnectar show. The show is to take place on three neighboring islands over three days and is already selling out. Due to the rare occurrence of Bassnectar shows, the artist has a lot of time to plan and present his shows. That is why the Bass Island Festival is bound to be one of the most well produced live shows you will ever witness. Tickets for the event are going fast as everyone wants to be a part of this fiesta of sound and music. To make sure you don’t miss out on one of the best shows you will ever get to attend, get those Bass Island tickets today.

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