Battlecross Tickets

Battlecross is an American heavy metal band hailing from Canton, Michigan that has been active since 2003 and made a name for itself as one of the foremost metal bands in the US metal music industry today. Known for playing thrash metal mostly and death metal now and then, they have released several albums, mostly through the record label Metal Blade. They are home to some of the most talented musicians including vocalist Kyle Gumby Gunther, guitarist Tony Asta, guitarist Hiran Deraniyagala, bassist Don Slater and drummer Mike Kreger.

Since its founding, many have booked Battlecross tickets and seen the band perform live. Its music, labeled as blue collar thrash metal by the band, has gained a special place amongst American metalheads and metal fans all over the world, performed at many a Battlecross show. Battlecross began back in 2003 when guitarists Hiran Deraniyagala and Tony Asta met up and founded the band. Several years later, drummer Mike Kreger joined the band. In 2008, bassist Don Slater was welcomed into the band, announcing a new era in terms of a heavier sound. By this time, several Battlecross tour dates had been announced and these concerts attracted thousands in the US.

In 2010, vocalist Kyle Gunther, nicknamed Gumby, joined Battlecross in time with several concerts all over the US. As their popularity grew, they started performing with other famous metal bands, including Dying Fetus, DevilDriver, GWAR, The Absence, The Faceless and Vital Remains. 2010 was also a monumental year for the band with their first album, Push Pull Destroy, released. It received a lot of critical acclaim and praise from leading metal music media.

In 2011, Battlecross released the album Pursuit of Honor via Metal Blade Records. This album was produced by Josh Schroeder and recorded in Bay City, Michigan at the Random Awesome Recording Studio. This was followed by many a Battlecross show, performed all over the US, and attracting fans by the thousand. In 2012, the band kicked off a new series of live concerts, most notably performing as one of the bands in the prestigious Trespass America Festival by Metal Hammer alongside bands such as Five Finger Death Punch, Emmure, God Forbid, Pop Evil Killswitch Engage and Trivium. This was a truly monumental occasion.

In short, this is a band renowned for awesome metal music and awesome concerts, easily seen live by ordering Battlecross tickets.

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