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The Beach Boys is a rock band based in Hawthorne, California and formed in 1961. The original known lineup of the band included the brothers Carl, Brian, and Dennis Wilson, their friend Al Jardine, and Mike Love, their cousin. The legacy of the band is such that they have been dubbed "America’s Band". Throughout the span of their career, they have spawned 36 hits in the Billboard Top 40 charts, making them the only American rock group to achieve this feat. They also have 56 singles to reach the Hot 100 charts. The Beach Boys is also the best selling rock band of America, will more than 100 million copies sold all over the world. Rolling Stone magazine declared them as one of "100 Greatest Artists of All Time". Moreover, in 1988, the five band members were also inducted into the "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame".

 The band went through disparities and legal battles amongst each other for most of the post 1980s era. Songwriting credits were disputed and rights to the band’s name were fought over. When Dennis died in 1983, and Carl Wilson in 1998, there came forward different versions of lineups of the band, led by the remaining members. Finally, in 2011, The Beach Boys announced a proper, official reunion and a tour for the following year. They are calling it the "Beach Boys 50th Anniversary Reunion Tour". Now, the lineup will consist of Brian Wilson, Al Jardine, Mike Love, David Marks and Bruce Johnson. John Stamos, actor and an on and off member of the band will also be joining the band for the tour. It will be the first time in decades that The Beach Boys tickets will be sold for a concert tour with the original band.

When the band was formed back in 1961, they gained popularity for presenting a youthful, Southerm Californian culture. They sang about romance, cars and surfing. In fact, their genre of music was at some point recognized as "surf rock". They were also appreciated for their tight vocal harmonies. It was Brian Wilson that led the band towards the peak of their career; they were now head to head with The Beatles. He took creative control and gave their music and style a new direction. With their album, "Pet Sounds", their growing ambition with songwriting became more evident, featuring songs that had complex productions, with sounds that were multi-layered—much more intricate than their original "surfer boys" sound. With their single "Good Vibrations", they managed to establish themselves far beyond their previous youthful image. 

By the mid 1960s, The Beach Boys had managed to become more than a household name; they were an integral part of American popular culture and were in every way recognized as American icons. They were at the peak of their careers both in critical appeal and commercial success. The Beach Boys tickets would sell out in minutes, and fans would queue up outside stores before an album’s release.  However, they were soon to meet the first episode towards their downfall. Wilson was no longer in control of the band. His problems with substance abuse were going out of hand and his mental health was deteriorating. This eventually led to the cancellation of their album, "Smile". The album would remain unreleased for their entire career—it was only released to the audiences in 2011. For the next several years, the band went through different members and varying sounds, but never quite managed to regain its prior status. This was followed by disputed amongst the band members as each tried to win the right to the band’s name.

In 2010 around June, rumors of a proper The Beach Boys reunion began to surface. Rolling Stone magazine reported that the band would get together for a show to celebrate their 50th anniversary.  This was confirmed by Jardine. He also added that the original surviving members of the 60s era would return, along with some new members. The tension between band members, he said, had now been resolved. 

Finally, in October 2011, Jardine talked to Rolling Stone magazine again, and officially announced the 50th anniversary tour that would feature all band members, including Wilson. Their hit, "Do it Again" would be re-recorded, along with a music video.

In February 2012, The Beach Boys made their first official comeback appearance at the Grammy Awards. They performed with ‘Maroon 5’ and ‘Foster the People’. This was their first performance together with the original lineup in over 20 years. Fans therefore got a taste of what they have in store for them in the upcoming tour.

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