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A versatile singer, song writer, instrument player, and lover of French, Balkan, and American music is going to perform very soon at your nearest theater. Condon and his band Beirut would love to play for you in the Mariachi genre and will enthrall you with their latest  pop versions. You can dance to the beat of the Beirut .Come buy your Beirut tickets.  

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The Beirut Band is the creation of Zachary Francis Condon, out of a solo musical project of Santa Fe in New Mexico. He got together with friend singers and formed this band. They performed their first debut album by the name of Gulag Orkestar under the Ba Da Bing records in the city of New York in the year 2006.The music of this album is more indie rock and world music. 
Born in Albuquerque in New Mexico, Condon started his music career at the young age of seventeen, playing trumpet in a Jazz band that influenced his music a lot. Mexico's Mariachi genre also added to his style. The effects of his interest in films and foreign tours also blended in his music. His tour to Europe  with his elder brother Rayn, and the influence of younger brother Ross Cordon 's Brooklyn based band Total Sucker all added to his musical legacy.
His interest in the French culture and cinema took him to Europe which is portrayed in the second album The Flying Club Cup. Condon's attributes the deep influence of French lyrical songs in this album from the Francophone singers like YvesMontand, Serge Gainsbourgh ,and Jacques Brel.In 2007 the album was officially released. In 2010 Ba Da Bing and Blogotheque allowed the album to go on digital downloads. Those of you who have a taste for listening to the French lyrical songs come buy your Beirut tickets.
Unable to carry on the bands European tour in 2008, enabled them to release March of the Epotic/Holland EP, a double EP based on Cordon's trip to Oaxaca, and the influence of electronic music under the Realpeople name. In February2009 Beirut made their first debut television appearance in the US, on the Late Show with David Letterman performing A Sunday Smile.
The Rip Side album's small melodies like East Harlem mark the rise of Beirut and its music which is far simpler than the Zapotic's Mexican orchestral compositions. This album is more American pop oriented leaving behind the foreign influence of  Mexico France and the BalkansThe album is recorded on Pompei Records a label owned by Condon himself  It brings out the best of a young boy. Condon and the group play the tunes on the piano and ukulele, going through a series of repeat practices before the songs are finalized in the studio. The album brings out a unique Beirut style that speaks of love, friendship, humanity, loneliness and universal truths actually close to realities of life. The second track of the album Santa Fe is all pop ode to his hometown during his youth days, quite opposite to The Rip Side. Goshen which is another love song that is different of Beirut song styles all wrapped up on the notes of the piano.
Beirut's Soft Landing eponymous album was released in 2010, by the efforts of the band members under the Ba Da Bing Label. This album is considered a pop version of Beirut genres. The music is very cheerful and involves dance beats.
It would be a great idea to buy Beirut tickets and experience the album's pop version and see the different musical instruments used by Condon in the shows.

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