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Big Time Rush or BTR is Nickelodeon’s most famous and popular television series which also feature a band of the same name. It is a musical comedy based on four Minnesota boys, all hockey players and their misadventures in Hollywood. Every episode of BTR is about boys facing a particular problem, which they try to resolve in their own way, often ridiculous. Most of the episodes end in boys singing one of their songs. A relatively new series from Nickelodeon, BTR’s debut episode was watched by well over 7 million people, which makes it the highest-rated live-action series debut by any Nickelodeon production.

Scott Fellows is the brains behind this popular series, who was also the executive producer of Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide . According to Fellows he was inspired by 1960’s series, The Monkees . It was very popular and similar to what BTR has turned out to be, group of four musicians, performing while going through comedic adventures. The series is well liked by its ever growing viewers, who are aged between 13 and 18. The creators of the show use their editing skills flawlessly as most of the humor is created by editing cuts and laugh-like noises.

The Big Time Rush is actually a band consisting of Carlos Pena, Logan Henderson, James Maslow and Kendall Schmidt . The band which is owned by Nickelodeon Viacom Music Productions, released its debut self-titled album in October, 2010. The success of their debut album has encouraged them to work on their second studio album as well. Word has it that they are currently recording it. The band’s music is being used by Nickelodeon in its other series, Victorious , and iCarly , as well. This has happened because BTR’s music is well liked by its fans and critics alike. The fact that their music is being used on all three Nickelodeon’s series will further make BTR more famous and commercially successful.

The main cast of BTR consists of Ciara Bravo (as Katie Knight), Tanya Chisholm (as Kelly Wainwright), Stephen Kramer Glickman (as Gustavo Rocque), Logan Henderson (as Logan Mitchell), Carlos Pena Jr. (as Carlos Garcia), James Maslow (as James Diamond) and Kendall Schmidt (as Kendall Knight). BTR is filmed in various location of Los Angeles, California, including Hollywood. Two recording studios, both fictional, are often shown in the show, where Big Time Rush records their music. These recording studios are Rocque Records and Palmwoods. The show has a unique style of opening; pre-opening sequence starts off every episode, leading into the "Big Time Rush", the theme song. Guy Moon, Dusty Moon & Big Time Rush are the composers of this hit theme song.

The Big Time Rush has been a phenomenal hit and perhaps for this reason it is already in its second season. 41 of its episodes have already been aired. More recently, it has been renewed for third season. The third season would comprise of twenty more episodes. While it has been mentioned that BTR and its fans have connected well from the very first episode, the show has been reviewed by others as well, ranging from positive to mix to even negative reviews. One of the biggest criticisms that BTR has faced is that the producers of the show have tried to build a Jonas-Brothers type band with this series. But overall the show has been received very well by critics, commending Nickelodeon in mastering the art of sitcom making. Perhaps for the overall feedback on the show, BTR won ‘Nickelodeon Mexico Big Nick House 2011 Award’ in the Favorite TV Show category. It has been nominated for many other awards, namely the ‘Kids Choice Awards’, amongst others.

The idea created by Scott Fellows was indeed phenomenal, combining hilarious acting plots with some world class music, all done masterfully by teenagers and for teenagers. This show is not another Hollywood produced teenage show, which is all about glitz and glamour. BTR is about substance as well as entertainment. So buy your Big Time Rush Tickets now!

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