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Declared by the American Society of Composers and Publishers (ASCAP) as Christian "Songwriter of the Century", Bill Gaither has helped popularize contemporary Christian, and Christian southern gospel music, all over the world! With six Grammy Awards, amongst many other prestigious awards, he has been classified as one of the most commercially successful and critically acclaimed gospel singers of all time. Gaither, who became a permanent feature of southern Christian gospel music with the release of "He Touched Me", is still going strong at the age of 75 and awaits your participation in his next concert in your beautiful city! For a blessed experience buy Bill Gaither tickets today!

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Gaither, hailing from Alexandria, Indiana, has been into Christian music from the very beginning. While still at college, he formed a band, consisting of his two siblings, under the name, the Bill Gaither Trio. After graduating from Anderson College, Gaither became a fulltime English teacher, meanwhile carrying on with his original passion. He later got married to Gloria Gaither, who would prove to be an asset for him while spreading the message of Jesus Christ, all over the world. As his music career was starting to pick up, he had to quit his teaching job and instead focus solely on music. Gaither has openly admitted that he has been highly influenced by gospel bands like the ‘Happy Goodmans’, the ‘Statesmen’, and ‘the Speers’. Amongst individual singers, he admires Hovie Lister as well as Jake Hess, among others.

As mentioned earlier, Bill Gaither is an accomplished American southern gospel songwriter and singer, who helped reinvigorate the contemporary Christian music genre. Songs that he co-wrote with his better half were sung by some of the most famous singers of their time like Elvis Presley, the Statler Brothers, the Heritage Singers, the Speers, the Cathedral Quartet, Sandy Patti, and Carman, to name just a few. Bill and Gloria Gaither songs like "Let’s Just Praise the Lord", "Because He Lives", "Jesus, There’s Something About That Name", "He Touched Me", "It Is Finished", "The King Is Coming", "Something Beautiful" and "The Longer I Serve Him", have been both national and international sensation. The husband-wife duo has composed almost 1,000 songs. And while they both compose music together, it is Bill who writes the music while Gloria writes the lyrics.

Gaither, a prolific performer, has been constantly spreading the message of peace and love ever since 1950s. He is known for his high bass voice, and plays both piano and the guitar in the Bill Gaither Trio. The band’s line-up has slightly changed from its earliest days when Bill and his two siblings, brother and sister played for the Trio; instead of his sister, now Gloria, his wife, plays for the band. The uniqueness of their music is that while they sing traditional gospel songs, they give them a contemporary feel, making the music genre’s appeal more universal.

In addition to being a legendary musician, Bill Gaither is also a very successful businessman. Under the title of Gaither Music Company, Gaithers’ music and its marketing is done, without seeking outside help. Gaithers’ gospel music is recorded and sold by this company. In addition, telemarketing, recording studio, retail store, copyright management, television production, and concert bookings are all managed by this company. The company also owns an animation company known as, Live Bait Productions, which is run by Gaither’s son.

Bill Gaither is more than a musician, and a businessman, he is virtually an academy of gospel music. That is why he has helped various contemporary Christian musicians, Cynthia Clawson, Karla Worley, Jonathan Pierce, Michael English, Amy Grant, Don Francisco, Steve Green, Carman, Sandy Patti, Michael W. Smith, and Marl Lowry, in their careers. Most of these musicians have made a name for themselves while touring with the Bill Gaither Trio. The band now comes to your beautiful town with the message of love, hope, and peace!

If you are contemporary Christian music fan and have not seen Gaither live in concert, you have seen nothing yet! He is in a league of his own, which is impossible to describe in words. You need to see it to believe it! So do not wait anymore and buy your Bill Gaither tickets now! 

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