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The Black Keys are a rock band originating from Akron, Ohio. They are made up of two talented musicians, Dan Auerbach, who is the lead vocalist and guitar player, and a drummer, Patrick Carney. They began as a garage band, and that is how they portrayed themselves when they decided to break the market in 2001. They did not wait for a major label to back them up; instead they wrote their own songs and came out onto the media as independent artists. They joined other garage bands who wanted to revive the genre and style of music at the time. They have been fairly successful in their endeavor and as of today, have sold millions of albums and thousands of Black Keys tickets since their emergence ten years ago.

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In 2002, they signed with an independent recording company called "Alive". With them, they released their very first album which was entitled "The Big Come Up". Interestingly, to achieve the raw sound, they decided to record it in the basement of Carney’s house instead of a proper studio. Their pure blues rock sound was so appreciated by their label that they decided to pitch it in with their partners, the bigger company, "Fat Possum Records". When they got the deal, the band expanded even further into the underground music scene. They would constantly perform at every small club they would find, never taking a break and never stopping till they made sure enough people knew about them. This way, they began to market themselves with word of mouth. They would also never miss the chance of performing at local music festivals. To keep themselves fresh in their audiences’ minds, they never took long breaks in between albums; they always released them one after the other, so each year, they had new material to play.
By their third record, "Rubber Factory" which was released in 2004, they started to get noticed by critics. They were featured in many different local magazines where they always got favourable reviews. As a result, they became more legitimate and more known. People found out about them not only through their visits to clubs and festivals, but through newspapers and magazines as well.
They scored their first major label contract in 2006 with "Nonesuch Records". Up until this point, they had produced their own songs and had recorded their songs in their own houses or temporary studios. With the new label, they met with the producer who was known in the industry as "Danger Mouse". With him, they recorded in a proper studio for the first time and spend more time putting together the new album than they ever had before. The label guided them with choosing the right songs to put on their record and the ones to release as singles. In 2008, they finally released their first album with a major label, "Attack and Release".
But it was not until 2010, almost 9 years after their beginning that the Black Keys got the recognition that they wanted. When they released their album, "Brothers" they met with commercial success for the first time. Not only did they become popular with the radio listeners, they also fared well with critics. Their song, "Tighten Up" ended up winning the Grammy Award in three different categories. In 2011, their next record, "El Camino" reached the number two spot on the Billboard’s top album list of the year. And so, exactly 10 years after their emergence, Black Keys tickets for an arena tour were sold.
The first single off this album was called "Lonely Boy". This became the band’s best commercial song, receiving a lot of radio airplay and charting well in many different countries. The accompanying music video was also appreciated for it consisted of a man lip-synching and dancing to the song in all of one take. They also appeared on the hit show, "Saturday Night Live" to perform the song, which propelled them even further on the charts. Moreover, Time and Rolling Stone magazines included their new album as one of the best fot the entire year.
Apart from headlining many music festivals such as the Lollapalooza and the Coachella, the band will be performing at their arena tour as well. Earlier this year, they performed at the "Madison Square Garden", so performing to large audiences won’t entirely be a new experience. To top it all, they were able to sell out most of their dates in fewer than 15 minutes, so the tour should be successful.

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