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Blake Shelton is one of the prominent country music artists of our times. He belongs to the clan of country singers who believe strongly in rural roots, yet deliver country with an edge. Blake Shelton tickets offer an opportunity to see him stage his live side. Considered and reviewed by critics and followers as not just great talent, but a big country star in the making. Blake Shelton is a name that is redefining country music and his achievements tell the same story.

Blake Shelton’s association with American Country music genre is like a key in a lock. He himself, his style and his songs are hard core country oriented. His music is considered a fusion of traditional and contemporary Country music styles. While his lyrics are very rural in influence and inspiration they are contemporary in delivery. Blake Shelton became a part of mainstream music almost a decade ago. However, a quick rise to fame celebrated him more than any of his contemporaries. His career boasts of three RIAA Gold certified albums. These albums have contributed to seventeen top singles that have topped charts as big hit. His singles have ridden the airwaves and there is demand for more.

Blake Shelton’s early career boasts of a Denbo Diamond Award , which is Oklahoma's highest honor for young entertainers. He became R &R Breakthrough Artist of the Year for 2001 with Austin . In the year 2010, after a decade in music, he won two Country Music Association Awards. Additionally a CMT Music Award and an Academy of Country Music award were bagged by him. In 2011 he was awarded two CMT Music Awards . A CMA also came through along with numerous ancillary nominations.

Blake Shelton is an Oklahoma native was a true country singer in heart and soul. Beginning at a mere age of four he started signing and playing guitars. His first public performance was at the age of eight where his Old Time Rock 'n' Roll took him deeper to explore vocal and songwriting skills. Performing at local bars and theaters he indulged greatly in penning lyrics. Shelton made a career move at the age of seventeen. He found sanctuary in Nashville, where Shelton received his break in mainstream country. Shelton honed his craft and developing a unique style. The famed songwriter Mae Boren Axton scouted him and guided him during his early days in Nashville.

With a head full of dreams associated with his inner self and started expressing himself with music. His migration did him good as he began exploring other dimensions of artistry. Shelton began recording and launched himself with a debut single Austin . His career took off with the single as he was signed up for the corresponding album Austin (2001). In July the album’s five week reign at the top of the Billboard country singles charts began. It became an RIAA Gold album within a year of its release. The album made Shelton the second best selling country artist of the year 2011.

Blake Shelton's next hit single, The Baby from the upcoming sophomore album also became a monster hit. Follow up album The Dreamer (2003) and Blake Shelton 's Barn & Grill (2004), carried his success forward to Startin' Fires (2008). Two years later Shelton recorded and released an unusual six song release called the Hillbilly Bone . Next in line was a similar release in titled All About Tonight . Red River Blue (2011) came next and Blake Shelton is back in limelight with the latest offerings bearing his signatures on the lyrics, music and the vocals.

For Blake Shelton his music and he himself is country, to and from the depth of the heart. He loves performing live and does it frequently as a part of extending himself as an artist. The foremost reason supporting his live performances is the joy of his feeling, understanding and delivering to fans what they want. More importantly he easily connects with them and makes them an active part of his live shows. Audiences love him for his strong and charismatic stage presence. He appears to be more confident and more enjoyable live than on track.

Blake Shelton tickets are pass to relive a celebration contemporary country. For country and music lovers, Blake Shelton has brought some of the most fabulous live country music concerts. Blake Shelton tickets are chance to enjoy the harmonies and energy of county in one musical evening. Blake Shelton in concert is surely an experience worth trying, and Blake Shelton tickets make it possible to rejoice.

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