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The pop-punk uprising of the 1990s produced some brilliant bands that left a mark on the music industry forever. While on one side, they were bands like Nirvana who introduced grunge to the world, they were also bands like Oasis who were playing a softer form of rock. MTV had taken a hold of people’s imaginations and music videos were all the rage. This was the time when Blink 182 was first heard of or seen. Even though they’ve banded and disbanded a number of times since their inception, the band is still considered to be one of the pioneers of pop punk.

The band was started out in 1992 when bassist and vocalist Mark Hoppus met guitarist and vocalist Tom DeLonge through his sister. They were both known to have an interest in music and were soon jamming and writing songs together. It was only a matter of time before Hoppus brought in the drummer Scott Raynor and the band started to tour the California music scene. They would perform at clubs and even at schools till they made their way up to festivals and concerts. The band would go on to release their debut album, Chesire Cat, in 1994 while they replaced drummer Raynor with Travis Barker during a tour in 1997. Barker is the band’s drummer to date.

The band released four more albums after Chesire Cat . Their second album, Dude Ranch , received critical praise but failed to garner commercial success or recognition for the band. It was the band’s third album, Enema of the State that got them into the charts and onto MTV. Enema was released in 1999 and was the first ever commercial hit for the band. It featured some of the bands most successful singles like ‘What’s my age again’ and ‘All the Small Things’ which led to the band’s first ever platinum selling album. The band’s follow up album, Take off your Pants and Jacket, was released in 2001 and followed the same successful formula of their previous album. This album was multi-platinum in the US and sold over 4 million copies worldwide. The band released their latest album in 2005. The album, eponymously named Blink 182 was a different musical direction for the band and was met with much critical praise as well as commercial success like its predecessors.

2005 saw a turbulent time in the band’s timeline as this is when they decided to split. Differences between the band led to them splitting up and Tom DeLonge officially quit the band to pursue other projects. The remaining band members also continued to work on their separate projects until the band decided to reunite in 2010. An accident that Travis Barker got into was the catalyst for the three members meeting each other and realizing they still have more music to make.

Blink 182’s music has always been classified as punk pop but their music has greatly evolved over the years. While it still has the pop and punk rock influences that first made the band popular, the music is much more mature now. The band has always relied on simple compositions and easily layered musical tracks. Their many influences from darker material have led the music to fall more into the category of alternate rock. The band’s style is said to have a radio friendly vibe about it while managing to maintain the classic punk feeling with it. The band’s lyrics are mostly about teen angst, love and the problems that people face while growing up. Throughout the years, Blink 182 has managed to keep their music fresh and genuine.

Whether you’re a fan of Blink 182 or not, you would’ve heard one of their many hits and are sure in for a good time when you get to see the band make a return. Blink 182 is back with the bang and all you need to do is get your Blink 182 tickets to make sure you are there to witness history.

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Q:Under which circumstances do you refund blink 182 tickets?

A:Blink Tickets are refunded only if the event is canceled.

Q:Are blink tickets still available or sold out?

A:Blink Tickets are not sold out and are still very much available.