Blue Christmas Reverend Elvis Tickets

If you wish to become a part of a variety show that will present wholesome entertainment for the entire family, then the Blue Christmas Reverend Elvis show was made for you. Presenting local, national and international talent the Blue Christmas show will help the audience celebrate the true spirit and essence of Christmas and commemorate this joyous occasion. Remember to get your hands on Blue Christmas Reverend Elvis tickets without any further delay.

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The Blue Christmas event is presented by the Blue Christmas Productions, founded by Reverend Bruce Reinhold Elvis Sheasby. Sheasby was born in the Vancouver area of British Columbia. Apart from his love for the Gospel and the Spirit of the West, Sheasby is one of the biggest fans of the Rock and Roll legend, Elvis Presley. From a naïve age of sixteen, Sheasby performed one of Presley’s biggest hits on "The Gong Show" apart from singing well recognized Christian hymns "Peace in the Valley". Sheasby obtained his graduate degree from the University of Toronto in 1982 and then went on to preach ministry for almost five years. He then decided to obtain a graduate level degree in Divinity from the Vancouver School of Theology in 1994. He later became an ordained minister and went on to establish the Spiritual Community Church of the West which is a non-denominational charity organization. The main aim behind the creation of this establishment is to bridge gaps between the communities and create a spiritual sense of discovering God. Sheasby preaches to love Jesus as a friend, a Savior and Lord and demonstrate this love not only to one’s faith but to the entire community in order to create peace and harmony worldwide.
After the establishment of this Church, Sheasby went on to create the Blue Christmas Productions, a subdivision of the organization. The objective of this production house is to share God’s message and create awareness regarding the love that the Christian community should have for him through performing arts. The Blue Christmas Production house is also a charity organization that donates all of its revenues to local charities. Most of the Blue Christmas family events are held at the Jubilee Auditorium located in the Calgary area of Alberta. The show presents entertainment for the entire family, as it not only showcases local and international singers but also dancers and other seasonal entertainment that can be enjoyed by audiences of all ages. If you are interested in witnessing good quality entertainment that revives the concept of Christmas, then all you need to do is make your way to the next Blue Christmas Reverend Elvis show.
The upcoming Blue Christmas show will be Reverend Elvis’s fifth annual Christmas show which has been sponsored by Ultimate Renovations, the Government of Alberta Community Spirit Program, Delta Calgary South, Calgary Herald, Enbridge, Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Classic Country AM 1060 and Radio AM 1140. Over the years, the attendance for the Blue Christmas shows has increased rapidly reaching a figure of sixteen hundred spectators in 2011’s show. A few of the artists that audiences can look forward to watching at this show include Crystal Plamondon, a bilingual performer and singer, Amos Garrett, one of the most popular guitar players from the area of Alberta, and Chantika Hazell, teen division World Hoop Dance Competition champion. Apart from these, the cast includes Stan Foster, standup comedian and impersonator, The Travelling Marbles, a female trio that performs folk music, and Tony Rino, spirited opera singer from the Calgary area. You will be excited to know that Lost and Found, a gospel singing male trio, Dwain Sands from The Good Luck Charms, a rock and roll and country music singer and lastly, Doris Daley, a female cowboy poet, will also be a part of the production.
If you wish to become a part of the audience of a show that promises to present such a great variety of acts, then all you need to do is purchase Blue Christmas Reverend Elvis tickets as soon as you can.

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